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    dropkick murphys . the offspring

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    Mindless Self Indulgence live is mmmm
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    Live: Umphrey's Mcgee, Deadmau5

    Edit: Also Primus and Gogol Bordello!

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    I would love to go to see rammstein.

    Trapt was good live, korn was not to bad, bit more but can not think right now,
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    Van halen always great live whether with David lee Roth or Sammy Hagar. Skid Row believe it or not and Tesla were like sitting in front of the stereo. Iron maiden. Ac/dc 60 years old and by far one of the best. Corey Taylor is great who ever hes with. Pearl Jam puts on one of teh best shows ever, and it changes every night. Never teh same set twice.

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    - Blind Guardian: Yes, they have some gems in the studio with the faux-orchestra backing, but these guys live is a total blast. Getting to actually sing along to The Bard's Song live was a great moment in my concert-going career.

    - Buckethead: I think Buckethead does better live than he does on records just on the fact he improvs 90% of the stuff he does live. Not to mention he'll do a unique cover once in a while on-stage. I've heard of people mentioning he'll do stuff like Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, or Eric Clapton stuff during a live show.

    - Les Claypool / Primus: Again, just on the fact Les himself tends to improv a lot and the band's synergy REALLY comes out during live shows. And again, he'll do surprise covers at some shows just to throw people through a loop.

    - Queen: Because Queen. I think enough people already said it right earlier in this thread.

    - Some other mentions: Rush, Muse, Symphony-X, Daft Punk, KMFDM, Dropkick Murphys, The Tossers, Foo-Fighters, and The Eagles.

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    John Mayer for sure is way better live than in studio, saw him once and i was jizzing all over my pants for the entire show
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    My personal favourite have to be Muse, seen them on multiple occasions (Reading 2006, Wembley 2010 and Reading 2011). The difference of studio to live is just amazing, they do so much more than bands who just play their album along the dotted line.
    Then there are songs that sound infinitely better live; Knights of Cydonia, Bliss, Butterflies and Hurricanes and Newborn. Just to name a few.

    Seen Nickelback, who were awesome too. They put A LOT into the show, pyrotechnics and just overall performance; was really really impressed.

    Also seen Green Day twice, and they surprised me by how good they are. So much energy and they have so much confidence with the crowd. Literally make you their bitch. (In an awesomely good way).

    Another who surprised me, Biffy Clyro. I hadn't really heard much of their stuff until i got my Wembley Muse tickets showing them supporting. I started getting into them and they're now one of my favourite bands. And they really didn't disappoint live, actually set a pretty high bar for Muse to follow.

    I really recommend seeing any of these bands, even if you only like a few songs. When live the atmosphere is amazing and really changes your opinion of them when they play well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarbuyPWNDyou View Post
    Barring 30 Seconds to Mars, every band I've seen live, I've preferred live.

    30STM at Leeds 2011 was pretty horrific. I'm gonna put it down to poor weather conditions playing havoc with the mix, but Jared's voice was really not there. :/
    He was terrible at reading 2011 too. The kill (My fav song of theres) he sang like 2 lines and danced in the crowd for the rest of it.

    I always prefer enter shakari live, they so good. Same with muse there live performances are like stories they preform so well, big kudos the matt and the gang.

    Dream theatre and Iron maiden two other very good live bands. If you want bad, dragonforce. Dear god they can't play half the stuff they do on disc..

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    Nightwish and Muse I prefer live because of all the little things they add into the songs.

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    Kid rock. I don't even like him normally, but he was at a lynyrd skynyrd concert I went to and he's an amazing performer.

    Amon amarth is also great live.

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    The Exploited, Metallica, Ektomorf....awesome stuff with some decent mosh pits

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    Metallica was fantastic live. It blew my mind.

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