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    New information: Tool Belt, Pet Controls and Cross Professtion Combos


    At last some new info!
    After having read this so am I more excited then ever!

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    This has me even more excited to try out the Engineer. Having the tool belt change because of the utility abilities you bring really adds depth to the decision of what you're going to bring. I'm now really torn between Elementalist and Engineer for my main. I also really love the new incarnation for Ranger pets. Being able to switch pets during combat is something I am not familiar with in other games (correct me if I'm wrong), and it seems like that will make the class even more fun. Also, the prompts that come up when you complete a skill combo made me happy. That will make it easier to really coordinate those, I think.

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    I was just coming to post this.

    So fucking excited for this game!

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    I love the new info released, but I have to admit what makes me even more excited is the words used at the beginning.

    "From art and sound to filling out and polishing all of the content in the game, we’re making great strides toward completing Guild Wars 2."

    This makes me excited.

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    Pretty sure my genitals tingled when I read the warrior/elementalist frost armor combo move.

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    There's a bigger thread with this info already.

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