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    Disc: Respeccing Talents

    hey so i've played for a while as a disc healer and i do pretty good. i'm comfortable with my spec, but i'm thinking about whether i should change it.

    Here's my profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...in/Nabs/simple

    I play a non-AA spec and basically all i want to ask is should i pick 2/2 Train of Thought (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=92297) or go 3/3 in Darkness (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=15308).

    Thanks for ur help.

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    you dont have high haste at all mate, Train of Thought is not so big deal, in real encounter you will find casting more spells than just Greater Heal to make it "good deal" so you will end up with CD on Inner Fire 35 sec on average instead of 45, counting for let's say 5 minute match you can Inner Fire 8 times instead of 6 times, Haste you will get is used for EVERY spell you cast, you will have even shorter GCD so yes, also instant casted shield, PoM etc. benefit from it ...

    go ahead and spend it into darkness if you think between those two talents ...

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    i would also think about spirit a bit, you have 2936 + DMC 400 = 3336 - that's a lot, that's a really lot, go ahead and reforge some spirit into haste/crit, your mastery is ok, no need to raise that one anymore ... get your crit to 17-18% you will love that, believe me ... give it a try

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    I use almost the same spec except for the point in desperate prayer vs 2x darkness, tbh adding the extra 1% haste isn't going to change much it's around 0.07 off a cast time or less other then that single point there is nothing wrong with your talent spec.

    But as Azim stated you do appear to have much more spirit then required for most disc priests, even if you where to drop your spirit to 3k raid buffed with dmc active that would allow you to reforge around 300 - 400 spirit into something else. The majority of disc priests seam to go for around 2800 spirit give or take 200 but you can make due with large amounts of spirit and I have been testing the lower end of the scale with just 1145 raid buffed.

    Rule of thumb; keep reforging spirit till mana becomes an issue, then over come the mana issues with smart game play and reforge some more.

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    thanks for replying guys............it's interesting what u guys've said, im gonna try out wat both of u have said.......

    the only reason i was doubting train of thought was because i wasnt using IF as much as i thought i would....so im gonna go ahead and get the darkness....and for spirit, i think i'll go ahead and reforge into haste first and then try out crit, ive heard crit is unreliable so i think ill wait on that

    thanks again

    p.s. if anyone else has opinions pls reply to this thread

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    The reason why you may find your self not using IF as much is because of your most likely non existent mana issues so with less focus on controlling mana you would have less use to cast it, plus I find the 25% plus crit when using it is actually -25% crit since my casts hardly ever crit when combined with IF.

    Crit is generally unreliable when you have less, at the moment I crit stack so unbuffed I have 23%, raid buffed I got 38% ish with renewed hope and my crit percentage is 35% to 50% per spell on any given fight. Some will still say that is unreliable but in my opinion if I had to tank heal without crits I wouldn't be able to keep up without loads of haste and spirit for regen.

    Edit: with that said don't go crazy reforging all your spirit into crit the way I built my character is in no way to correct spec and it is not easier to heal with.
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