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    I don't remember where they said it Wilcox, but they aren't going to remove mounts from the game anymore, there was an uproar over the Nax drake and such. I'm in the same boat as a paladin. I like to solo old raids for nostalgia and mounts and xmorg gear so I hope thats not taken away. As far as gear not growing, it would be weird to look @ old tiers and not see slightly larger numbers but as far as the combat text and hitting for a million and so forth I agree. That could get quite spammy on the screen width-wise

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    Just to clarify for people, they increased the HP pools as much as they did to keep PvP in check. If all other stats remained the same as they are now and HP pools only went up by 5-10k from WotLK...then the game would be very VERY stupid.

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    When an item has 6357 hit rating on it and you need 115324 hit to cap it, it becomes very difficult to just eyeball it. I really don't want to be sitting with a calculator every time an item drops just to see if it will put me over or under the cap. The squish might make it feel like we've been nerfed, but it's all relevant. If your fireball did 15% of some random mob's health before the squish and it still does 15% after it, than there's absolutely no problem with it. Squish it imo

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    Well, the solution is easy. If you look at Anarchy Online wich is/was a very advanced mmo in the matter of stats. Items dropped from a boss like now, but it wasnt always itemlvl 300, it may have been 288. Up from last expansions 250. And strenght went from say 250- 300. 50 up. But the big difference between wow and AO was: AO = most dps gets the loot. You didnt have as many instanced raid bosses, but rather groups from both factions went to the boss and had a dps competetition. So if 1 grp had 300 gear, and the other had 288, the 300 would win. But it wouldnt be by 50k damage, but something like 5k. So the differences was much smaller. This makes, best gear = win. not so good gear. = good enough to do shit, but not win. This sums something like this in wow= 250-290 ilvl gear = normal modes. 290-300= heroic raids. If your damn skilled. 275 - 300 = heroics. Then they wouldn't have to make the loot differences that big. Just go up by 25 by each patch and new raid.. Think a little about solutions and workarounds before you flame. This idea is not set in stone, but I think it could be a good one. And aswell, getting tokens in heroic would give you gear ilvl 300. so you got rewarded for the hassle. Problem with todays is its to much upgrade in each expansion. They have to make it so older content dose'nt get easy-mode, but rather a bit easier. But you have to get new SMALL upgrades to be relevnt in new raids... Hope you understand what I'm talking about.

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    I was expecting a post like this. In fact, i was expecting it at the end of WotLK, since it was clear that stats, hp, damage and numbers in general were goin up wild. Every expansion should be a reset of gear, since we get new content, new items, and so on. Big nerfbat on old content should be a decent solution, since the problem is confined on how steep is the growth. Anyway this brings on the table lots of problems, let's see what they have in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synche View Post
    I would be for the item squish, as cool as it is to have 200k HP etc it is getting out of hand now. Although it would "feel" weird at first, it would all scale proportionate to everything else in the game. Back in Vanilla, when you got an epic, it was actually epic and was a big upgrade (in most cases), with the Item Squish they could make it to that there is more of a difference between teirs, IE a ilvl 101 item would be a good upgrade over an ilvl 100.

    Sure there will be somewhat of a scaling issue, but it would be back to the Vanilla aspect where if you want the epic gear you would need to work for it, that is hoping that the content is still challenging anyways (but with the 3 difficulties, I would still say that HM will still be hard, atleast to most players)
    How would it make anything more epic than it is now? As far as I've understood, it'd be a squish of EVERYTHING in game, meaning, every single mob, etc. So you'd do less dps, but the boss would also have less health than they do now...

    At least if I'm reading everyone correctly.

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    I won't mind as long as I can keep soloing old content.

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    i'd say go with squish. it's been blowing up stupidly high

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    Did he just splipped that next expansion will be 5 lvls only?95?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucialus View Post
    So, like, say I just finished soloing the Shattered Halls heroic, most mobs there have 20-100k HP, would that go down if my character's health was reverted from 120k to 20k?
    Yes. Though what part of "they would have to squish everything in the game" was difficult to understand escapes me.
    All this complaining is simply further proof that Blizzard could send each and every player a real-life wish-granting flying unicorn carrying a solid gold plate of chocolate chip cookies wrapped in hundred dollar bills, and someone would whine that Blizzard sucks for not letting them choose oatmeal raisin.
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    If your guild demands you slip into an elephants butt and force yourself out in a regurgation then you can't blame Blizzard for supplying the elephant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucialus View Post
    So, like, say I just finished soloing the Shattered Halls heroic, most mobs there have 20-100k HP, would that go down if my character's health was reverted from 120k to 20k?

    Yep. Thats the logic behind it. You would have 20k hp, the mob would have lets say 5k instead of 50k.

    They are talking about a percentage decrease of all stats within the game. not just nerfing your char. geez
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    Quote Originally Posted by d3v View Post
    Squish please, Mega Damage sounds retarded.
    It was a joke. Like the caption right under the image says.

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    Squish would make me consider playing again. So, that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    You didnt get it at all.
    I did get it. I understand everything is relative.

    But without huge, gigantic ilevel jumps between expansions, Old Content will become more difficult, they even mentioned this in their own FAQ

    However, this also means the difference between each level between 1 and 85 will be less significant, so you may find that an enemy 5 or 10 levels below your own will be a little tougher to deal with than it was before.
    Of course they will scale EVERYTHING down, but it's impossible for mobs to still be 'challenging' at 80 but 'faceroll take 20 of them on at the same time' at 85, when they are planning to cut down the huge jumps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurbz View Post
    It would make soloing old content harder, especially for non-plate wearing classes. But if they squished our stats, they would have to lower the stats of pretty much everything in the game by the same amount. The idea is it should feel the same as it does now if you are doing content relative to your level. Old raid bosses would be more difficult, relative to how they are now, and may keep non-plate wearing classes from soloing even Vanilla raids.
    I don't think I get you? If they squish everything (not a nerf), then a boss that would do, say, 3k damage per second would start doing much less (300?) so wouldn't that be the exact same when it comes to soloing?

    Really just trying to understand this.

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    I remember making a thread about this back on the old(pre forums. Can't believe they're not sure whether they're going to fix that or not. Should just fix it all at once, get it done and over with.

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    I find very funny that they are taking this so sriously and even showing the problem to the community, saying they dont know what they will do because the dps may feel gimped, when they alerady did this for healers in Cata.

    They didn't care about us feeling like bandaids (which we did). They didnt care about us feeling gimped. But god forbid that a DPS may feel gimped, the sky might fall....

    Saying that, gimping playes is not the solution, i didn't like it as a healer whwen they did that to me, and dps wouldn't like it either.

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    As much as I like the idea of the item level squish, simply because those massive numbers on the theoretical gear look ridiculous, I really wouldn't mind having an epic arcanite ripper quitar solo each time I cast fireball.

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    I find it scary how many people don't understand the concept of reducing ALL the numbers.

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    Squash em!

    The numbers are getting out of control id be happy if they re worked em.

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