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    LOL the artwork ist hilarious!! CRIT FOR 12 MEGADAMAGE CRIT FOR 124 MO-MO-MONSTERDAMAGE!!!!

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    I support the squish.

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    Mega damage... Please go for the item squish!

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    wait what /lol'd

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    Nerf us. I'm pro-Item Squish. Considering they want to bring a 'Vanilla feel' back into the game, this is the perfect time to introduce this.

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    "We know that we have something to do but we can't decide what".

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    Dont bother nerfing us seriously :L do the 5000M DAMAGEEEE!!!

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    Item squish plz.

    Make the epeens shrink a bit, and crappier computers happier for not having to calculate crazy numbers. ty

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    This would be a good thing, but most people (even myself a little, though I understand everything is relative) will not appreciate being 'nerfed' to such a ridiculous degree. MMOs are supposed to be about constant progression, yet if this went through we'd be back to TBC Numbers.

    As I said, I personally think it's a good idea (Though I'd be sad to lose my big numbers), the backlash from it would be insane.

    One thing I do immensely dislike about it is, it will make Old Content challenging again. Some people might like this, but personally I like the fact that I can faceroll my way through TBC and WoTLK raids with a small number of people to get Transmog gear.

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    Honestly, what did they expect? They incresed health pools sooo much for cata. Tanks went from 50k to 160k +. They didn't need to inflate them that much and if they had just kept the increase in health pools from wrath to cata like it was tbc to wrath, the numbers wouldn't be so ridiculous.

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    Gogo squish. Do not want scientific notation on my screen!!!

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    It is a problem, stuffs become so incredibly inflated. If it means we end up being weaker overall then so be it, gaining 5 levels of gear shouldnt have completely made old content absolutely derp faceroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burritaco View Post
    This would be a good thing for them to do for 4.4, so they can balance it before mists.
    Squish it. It might feel weird at first, but so would thousands of a stat on an item.

    Just make sure to rebalance all mobs health & damage at the same time, or its going to get crazy.

    It will also could bring back a little less disparity between classes and specs.

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    Wtb more mega damage. I like mega damage.

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    So long as I can still solo everything that I can now (old raids) I don't care. I see that changing though with ilvl squish, honestly I prefer the "mega damage" Or if they did the ilvl squish, keep Vanilla -> cata lower, then put MoP where Cata items are today, so we still are strong relative to the old shit, and the numbers won't be foreign.

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    Okay I'm just going to come out and say it, I want to see Mega Damage, with that picture and all LOL

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    One of the biggest problems with number notations is younger players may have a hard time grasping the concept. Sure, my 28 year old brain knows that 6k is 6000 and 6(10e3) is 6000, but could a seven year old brain wrap around that? What about a 14 year old? Adults aren't the only people playing this game. My name is Clinton, and I support the item squish.

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    Actually, another thought I just had...What about squishing before each xpac? Allow the same increased curve for the next xpac, so that you are getting rewarded strong with ilvl jumps. But then before an xpac launches, squish the numbers down and decrease the disparity between a fresh max level and a fully-raided max level right before the level grind of the next xpac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kragragh View Post
    We need a poll on which option we'd prefer!
    aye a poll would be lovely but I imagine we can all see what way it'll go already.

    I amglad they've seen the silly that stats were getting to and how dumb it was to massively inflate stats at the end of Wrath. I'll be glad that it won't be such a big ilvl jump between areas as well. I mean, when you finish Northrend, you immediately have to go up from ilvl 174s and whatever to 272s. It's a huge jump and always has me worried on a new char how long it's gonna be before I'm in good enough gear to do the new dungeons for the area. My only concern here is how capable we will be when solo'ing old content afterwards. At 90 will I still be able to do my weekly Attumen solo? What about MGT or BWL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimora88 View Post
    Vendor turns around, "Yes, can I hel-"
    Vendor looks thoroughly confused, "Ma'am I'll gladly buy it if you just cal-"
    Worgen female headbutts the vendor, dumps her backpack on him, robs him, and merrily hop-skips away.

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    This was more or like predictable that we would arrive at this dilemma with more and more gear and expansions. It's pretty much the same problem with the world today: exponential growth of money, resource consumption, population, etc... On the topic: I think a mix between both solutions would probably be the best decision. Nerfing everything down ma feel awkward but it makes much more sense than a single nobody doing 3 million damage with an auto-attack. Other type restrictions could be implemented such as: you need more strength to bypass some sort of defense but you end up doing the same damage; implementing a mob resilience in which it reduces the critical strike chance against the mob, so you need to stack more than for lower level content; same for hit rating which already is in play. There is so many ways blizzard can workaround this that presenting these two only "solutions" makes me feel that they're being lazy about the issue... Just sayin'.

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