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    When to drop 4t11, disc priest

    Hi everyone,

    I looked through some forums, but I didn't find an answer to when I should drop 4t11 and get 2t12? Is it a no-brainer (with some maths behind it, ofc), or does it come at a certain gear level? Is there any out-of-game tool to estimate our manaregen?

    If for an answer you need a character, here's the link
    I will try to log off in healing gear

    Thanks in advance
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    For disc I believe it is better. Get the 2 p.

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    T12 2 piece is great and the T12 4pc is better so drop it when you get the gear to do so

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    I forget the exact numbers, but the T12 2 piece -> T11 4 piece in terms of mana regen (for Disc, not the case for Holy from what I recall).

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    T11 4 piece isn't that good for disc as it's hard to maintain 100% uptime. As a result 2 pc T12 is usually at least as good if not better. So drop it as soon as you have 2 pc T12.

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