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    People dont seem to understand, this is a very Role Play based game. As much as it can have good gameplay, or awesome PvP, it doesn't matter. The people who hate RP will get pissed when they have to pick conversation options at every corner. It will fall like the rest, of that i have no doubt.

    To the actual question, some people are legit excited, most are just jumping on the band wagon because its something different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drihan View Post
    You guys do know that you can skip every single cutscene in the game, right? Seems like people put immense weight on an optional part of the gameplay.
    From what I have hear they are skippable until you need to reply, something that will still waste your time if you just want to power-level to max. Though I do see them putting an option in later.

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    Let's see...

    1.I enjoy the Star Wars universe and lore.
    2. I loved KotoR, and while playing KotoR I wished it was a MMO. ToR is like a dream come true.
    3. It plays like WoW. That's even better, because I think WoW's gameplay and control set up should be copied by every MMO coming out.
    4.I'm a bit tired of elves and orcs. Its the main setting in 90% of MMOs. The sci-fi theme will be a welcome change of pace.
    5.A new take on the tri-system. Yeah, there's tanking, but its RANGED tanking!
    6.The companion system looks interesting and engaging.
    7. Instead of running to a "!", skimming the text, then checking the mini map for the location, I actually have to make a decision, and live with that decision. I will develop a unique character as a result.

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    Ok so you dont understand why people are looking forward to this game,
    same as i dont understand why people are hyping up a freaking panda expansion.

    If you dont get it after all of the replys here, your not going to, just the same as i have quit asking why people are excited about MOP, i dont agree, i dont understand and i am done trying to figure out why.

    Your main purpose now seems to be to just try to shoot down all the reasons people are telling you why they think it will be a great game, you are basicly asking people why they think it will be fun and then telling them they are wrong when they answer.

    Thread needs closed IMO.

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    Fiend, are you by any chance bored?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fiend View Post
    A few people here would know my stance on this game, I am honest about it and have been banned for preaching it many times.

    But still I have to ask the question.

    Why are people looking forward to this game so much?

    The gameplay, though improved alot since I last saw it, is still the same WAR clone with the dusty old holy trinity setting, with some jedi and sith standing around holding a lightsabre in one hand and throwing "force balls" with the other, acting in every respect like a wizard would.

    The whole NPC interaction thing seems nice at first, but it will get boring after every NPC does it, while doing the most rudamentary quests constantly, it'll also make the constant run of dungeons seem tedious when you have to chat to people constantly would it not?

    Are people simply wanting a single player RPG experience in an MMO world? Is it worth the money when all you do is level up practically alone and then run off to play in a battleground or instance with a few people?

    It just confused me, why people would want this in the first place, when all it does seem to be is WoW with Mass effect parts cut into the game.
    It is very simple. Lots of people like MMO's, lots of people like Star Wars, lots of people like Bioware style RPGs. Nearly anyone who falls into all 3 categories, is going to be looking forward to SWTOR. Even people who only fall into 2 of these categories are likely to be interested.

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    You know better than this, Fiend. And with all the threads, you can CLEARLY get a feel as to why people are excited. Closing.

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    Pro tip:

    Don't bash eachother.

    Take TheFiend for example. He creates controversy all the time. He questions and gets carried away. He feeds off tears. We've been in our own "fuck you" fights in the past; quite a few of them actually. Then I tried a different approach. Respect his opinion an provide proof with what I say. We've then had many constructive, though differing with opinion, conversations. He's willing to entertain another person's view point if you give the same and can support your opinion.

    That's what people don't understand in this forum. You can be negative if you actually bring talk to the threads. I don't infract people that bring discussion. I warn if they go overboard, but that's it. It's just that most people only want to say, "lol. Your game blows, bro." That will cause me to smite you. Give thought provocative posts, and don't just spread lies, and you're fine. Calling people with a different opinion a troll or an idiot is also bad. That makes me smite you.

    Take the personal attacks out of conversation. The best way to prove your point is to be clear and concise while providing detail and proof if possible. That goes for both sides of an argument.

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