So I recently finished reading Reality Is Broken by Jane McGonigal, a book that discusses how games are not only a form of entertainment but a potential gateway to providing real change in the world. I have an idea for a game that will hopefully do just that, but I do not have the programming background to get started and have no idea where to begin. My intention for this game would be to raise awareness and eventually donations to a particular global cause, while being a fun investment of your boredom at the same time, so I turn to you.

Where should I go or what should I do to begin this quest?

I'm interested in making a web-based game, similar to Kingdom of Loathing but the premise will be entirely different of course. I hope for it to be very similar with an RPG play style that asks for a short investment of time to progress in level and can be played by anyone with internet access. I'm not at all interested in graphics, as the graphics in a game like Kingdom of Loathing are more than enough to do the job.

Forgive my vagueness with describing what I intend to do, but I like to keep details close to the chest until I get the ball rolling.

Please help me make the first few steps into hopefully developing a game that might have a small impact on the world.