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    confused priest

    hello mmo community,

    i have a dilemma hopefully someone can help me with who has good experience with holy healing.

    i'm new to healing as my priest in cata, well fairly new, as when priests were weak when cata first launched imo. now i'm back after playing my shaman a bit and i'm confused as to which aura i should use (inner fire / inner will.)

    inner will reduces the instant spells mana cost such as renew, coh, pom, etc, increases movement speed.

    inner fire increases your spell power by 532, increases armor.

    now this is my dilemma, i'm not sure how to take all of this.

    i would think i would use inner fire for my basic casts like heal, greater heal, flash, etc since they aren't instant casts. and use my inner will for my instant casts like coh, renew, pom etc, but i fear it's much more complicated than that. the spell power can come in handy, but also the reduced mana costs on renew and coh are good as well. i mix in coh and renew while i'm healing so i can keep the group up. what would be the appropriate aura to have up constantly?

    could someone please clarify this situation for me and explain this? i've read the holy guide, and couldn't find anything about which aura to use. also, if there is anything important i'm missing about these auras please inform me.

    sorry for being a noob

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    Inner fire is almost always better — healing for larger amounts saves you mana and time. The cost decrease on instants isn't enough for inner will to be useful. I suppose if you are Disc and plan to spam a bunch of shields, inner will could be superior. Of course, spamming shields tends to be a rather poor plan anyway.

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    I usually stick to inner will until I get enough gear and my mana regen is comfortable. That 15% really does make a difference.

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    Inner will is a big mana win (and so indirectly a healing output win as you can use more expensive spells) for disc. This is mainly due to savings on PW:S and PoM. Holy doesn't tend to burn so much mana on instants so the effect will be less, but I'd expect it to overall be a bit better. The SP boost from inner fire really isn't anything special - ~500 extra healing on a 30k heal isn't really that significant.

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    I believe that generally speaking Inner Fire is always better. Exceptions are if you're really struggling for mana, but that can probably be fixed by paying attention to other areas such as spell selection and in phases or bosses where you're almost constantly moving.
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    Stick with inner will until you have a decent amount of 5-man heroic gear, then start using inner fire when your mana regeneration doesn't suck. Inner fire is always better after that point.

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    Holy priests should stay in Inner Fire for everything your in combat regen exceeds disc heavily. For disco priests that are raid healing Inner will trumps innerfire as your likely using Rapture as a large source of regen, now if your tank healing as disc Inner Fire is a better choice. Id also say any fight w/ a regen gimmick or incredibly short duration think shannox, inner fire would be quite fine for disc as well.

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    Only time I use Inner will is on HRag, when we run from seeds and I spam Shield.

    As a general rule, use Inner fire if you don't run out of mana. If you do, use inner will and wait for more stuff or improve your gameplay.

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    As a general rule, use Inner fire if you don't run out of mana. If you do, use inner will and wait for more stuff or improve your gameplay.
    this is exactly the path I followed, havent used inner will in a while

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    I will agree with everyone here, using inner fire is generally better in my experiences.

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