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    4.3 Glyph Change?

    Glyph of Circle of Healing now also increases the mana cost of Circle of Healing by 20%.
    Uhh is this a typo? I just can't think of any possible reason to nerf holy, even if it is extremely small.

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    No I think that Is correct, if you look on druids Wild growth (I think) it increases mana cost to, was a blue post about it somewhere. Can try to find it.

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    Considering the other buffs coming in, it's nothing to worry about.
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    I'm definitively of the belief that this is a "shut the druids up" nerf to the holypriests. But the official word is that blizzard wanted the major glyphs to be a choice, and right now this glyph was too much of a no-brainer.

    Both the Glyph of Wild Growth and Glyph of Light of Dawn got similar nerfs. WG glyph also adds a +2 sec cooldown, and the LoD glyph is reworked to hit fewer targets for more. Roughly all three glyphs come down to an option of additional throughput - if you can deal with the downside. For a holypriest, increasing the mana cost is the most effective crippling downside possible. For druids, who generally don't use their manabar, adding a cooldown works to a similarly brutal effect. And paladins are giving up their "raidheal blanket" by taking this glyph. It is a though choice. It's probably a little too tough, and I can foresee many healers dropping these glyphs.

    At least I will drop the Glyph of Circle of Healing.
    Considering I'm ooming like heck, if given a choice between 20% more throughput and 20% more mana usage on this spell, the answer is obvious.
    Maybe if I had still been running 25mans and had the option of being carried by other healers, I could consider it.
    But really - that glyph is no longer worth it to me. I'm not quite sure what to pick up in its place though.

    Don't worry about patch 4.3 though. It's looking to be a great patch for holypriests in general.
    There are plenty of stackup fights that fit sanctuary very well, and the new Divine Hymn is really great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JHuggz View Post
    Uhh is this a typo? I just can't think of any possible reason to nerf holy, even if it is extremely small.
    CoH glyph is a major right? Current blizz mentality is majors are supposed to be a decision, not a nobrainer like primes. Majors are supposed to be situational glyphs or tradeoff glyphs. Letting it hit extra targets with no drawback makes it a nobrainer which is not what blizz wants.

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    This just keeps the mana costs in check... it increases its output by 20% and increases its mana cost by 20%. It forces you to have to 'choose more' if you are going to cast it when there is only 2 people who need it. As a 25 man Raider, when running Holy i'll likely keep this... 10's I can imagine wouldnt.

    The WG change (adding 2 sec to the CD) also introduces an interesting aspect to it: freeing up a GCD in between the CD; for perhaps a Rejuv elsewhere.

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