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    Little Big Planet 2 Players! Come play! :) *Fictland*

    http://lbp.me/v/7j-54j - Fictland PVP ONLY THE PVP ZONE IS AVAILABLE FOR TESTING CURRENTLY. Please come!

    I'm working on a game for 1-4 pve and 1v1 and 2v2 pvp in Little Big planet 2. A few friends and I have tested out the 1 PVP arena stage I have thus far, and all have had a great time with it and now want to share after some long work. Let me know on here immediately if you're wanting to join the fun and do some 1v1 or 2v2 battles with some other people around the us/globe if it comes to it.

    The character:
    The idea of the game is you're a mercenary in a world where realms of "fiction" are opening. (in PVE) You'll be lead to the realm gates to enter them and slay the fiction-faction leader. You'll find quickly your allies are not always your allies as other Fictland raider squards will not always be so welcoming of outsiders trying to take their kills. It's a dog eat dog world here...

    The controls: *** IMPORTANT****
    L2: Changes your stance. Default (or stance 1) is Focus. Your character will face in the direction that you move, and your knife does 30 damage instead of 20. Also the cooldown of your web grenade is 4 seconds rather than 8 (in strafe stance).

    L1: Grab/Action. This allows you to pick up items such as ammo or health potions, and open doors/activate other sequences.

    R2: Shoot. This does 40 damage on contact, you have 26 shots before having to refill your ammo by either finding ammo pouches off enemies in pve or special Ammo factories in PVP zones.

    R1: Stab. Stab with your knife doing 20 damage or 30 in Focus stance. If your character is out of combat (you have not been hit for 20 seconds or more, and have not tried to shoot or stab.) You will deal a strong attack dealing 60 damage and slowing your enemy by 50% for 5 seconds.

    Triangle: Medicate. You heal yourself for 60 damage. This ability has a 15 second cooldown. (And is the green Cooldown bulb)

    Square: Puts out an shielded wall that stops incoming projectiles. It is killed by 2 slashes of a knife to "knock it down". (Lasts 20 seconds and has a 10 second cooldown and will overwrite older shields. This is the pink cooldown bulb. Button and color always coordinate, just fyi.)

    X: Web Grenade. Throws out a slowing web grenade, slowing an enemy in it for 3 seconds by 50%. This effect re-applies every .5 second you stand in the web. The web goes away after 3 seconds. The cooldown is 4 seconds if you're in the Focus (melee) stance. And 8 if used in strafe stance. *Yes, if VERY skilled you can stance dance to optimize, but it's not easy.)

    O: Hold Trap. Holds an enemy for 2 seconds who steps on the trap. It lasts 40 seconds, and you may have out up to 3 at once. Traps have a 2 second cooldown.

    When out of combat your health will regenerate and allow for new sneak attacks, so be ready! If the battle isn't set up in your favor there's no shame in getting the hell out of there and making it so that it is!


    In case you need to know. In the center of the stage is the Pharmacy who puts out 1 potion every 20 seconds that heals for 60 health.
    In the bottom corners are two factories with doors (open with L1) and they put out ammo at the Ammo shoot. A good player stays mobile and makes sure to stay healthy and well stocked!

    *Known Bug/Glitch* Though this is known, I have no idea how to fix it, but decided I actually LOVE that this happens.
    WALL DASHING. Stand near a wall and wall slightly into it and you will notice quite a bit of a speed boost. Use this to your advantage to catch fleeing foes or escape a timely death.

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    Do let me know as a reply if you plan on joining me for some fun PVP fights. That way I know you're coming, AND more people can see to come as well. Thanks! I hope everyone enjoys!

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    Yes, after many hours and dedication (and figuring out a lot of technical in-game programming) we think you'll be very pleased with how it's coming along! Game play is crisp and the PVP is very enjoyable. So please come join us in some cross-PS3 action!

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    oh, and I'll be on for a little while. If you want to friend me on your PS3 it's LBP2Playa. Feel free.

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    So far people seem to be enjoying themselves the few who tried it out. If people could post here that they're tagging along to play around for a bit that'd be wonderful so more people could come. Thanks!

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