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    my raid comp
    DK blood Prot pally

    Feral druid MM hunter Arc mage Frost DK Spriest(me)

    Holy pally holy pally Resto druid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    See now I hate you
    Awww Arlee nooooooo! D:

    Hey maybe I can toss you a lock or two, I've got a few to go around.
    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pontificate View Post
    We have 3-4 locks in our raid, and 1 shadow priest.

    I love how they fight over who gives me DI.
    I'm in the same boat, on domo even our feral druid gets DI!

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    This is why I dislike 10man, but was forced into 10man in Firelands unless I wanted to leave the guild due to massive player quits.
    I hate the idea if not being able to perform 100%, because I miss some buffs. We started out with all caster buffs, but when our warlock quit we lost 10% spellpower and spellcrit debuff (and DI!). While we still have intellect, it is not optimal.

    Vital buffs should be spread over way more classes, 10mans is suffering so much from it.

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    definetly retarded reforging and gemming. how do people get that gear and not know how to reforge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semetrik22 View Post
    definetly retarded reforging and gemming. how do people get that gear and not know how to reforge.
    You would know if u read the post later in the thread.

    Simulations show increased performance on crit with vlpc. Will test that out with exact 16% hit. The exact hit is reached through reforge optimizer reforge-lite given my gears simulation ratings. 2589 haste and 16% hit is given minimum to the optimizer and rest is valued with the stat weights from simulation.

    But yeah i'm not asking for retarded input anyways so shoo

    Besides everything is supposed to be gemmed for brilliant inferno with the current build but cant get to a pc until wed so cant fix that. Gemming on haste intel was to reach 30% without heroic tier head.

    When i posted this thread the gear was set on classic shadow approach

    2589 haste

    Exact hit cap


    Beforethat it was full haste but loss of DI changed stat prio in detailed sims.

    I will give crit based no hit cap setup a go on wed and share results.

    EDIT: cba with idiots not reading and commenting so I changed gear back to where it was. The reforge calculations are done by optimizer. Reaching 30% haste is not possible without gloves enchant. I'll still go on with the test on wed and post results.
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