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    [Musis] Magic Program that can find out the song I'm thinking of?

    So there's a song I was listening to on Grooveshark a couple months back over and over and over and over again. Then I forgot about it. Now I'm craving to listen to it again and I can't remember the song name or artist, and I can't even remember any of the lyrics at all, all I know is I liked it a lot.

    I thought I could just go to Grooveshark and find it on my play list, only to find that 3/4 of my playlist is gone (Apparently songs disappear off it after a while and are removed from your play list....wish they had placeholders or something).

    Basically I want to know if there's a magical website that'll tell me the song I'm thinking of, or if there's a way to find out which songs on grooveshark are missing. The latter way is probably the most likely possibility.

    Edit: Amg, 2 seconds of searching "Female song covers" on youtube found it. The only thing I could remember was that it was a song by a female.

    If anyone cares, it was Jar of Hearts. Love-lost type song thingy, don't judge me!
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