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    Suggestions & Feedback FAQ

    Welcome to the Suggestions & Feedback FAQ! We seem to get lots of duplicate threads when it comes to certain topics, so this thread is designed to be an up-to-date index that will hopefully answer all of those questions. (Complete with handy links to previous replies on most of the subjects!)

    However, if you have any suggestions/feedback for the site that aren't mentioned here, please feel free to make a new thread about them.



    Q: I'm occasionally crashing when trying to post while using Chrome. Is there a fix?
    A: It's an issue with the third-party editor in vBulletin. We recommend sticking with the standard or basic editor (not the WYSIWYG one) while we're waiting on a real fix from vBulletin/CKEdit. There's currently a thread on the topic here that covers most of the issues people are having and some temporary fixes. (Source: 1.)

    Q: Can you add like/dislike buttons to the forums?
    A: It's possible that this might be added in the future. The biggest problem regarding this suggestion is simply how large the site is, and trying to find a way to make it work for us. There's no sort of ETA on it happening. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

    Q: Can you make a mobile version of the site?
    A: We'd love to get a mobile version of our CSS for easier browsing from mobile devices, but, again, there's no ETA. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

    For now, you can use any RSS reader to be notified of front page updates.
    RSS link: www.mmo-champion.com/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=252

    Q: Can I be notified when someone quotes me?
    A: If you look on your profile page there is a tab where your quote notifications will be listed. You can also turn this feature off in the settings.

    Q: Why don't you block new users from creating threads to help with spam?
    A: If spammers can't make new threads, they blanket existing threads with spam posts. This makes them slow to spot, and more challenging to remove, while fresh threads are easy to spot and fast to delete. Additionally, many user register for the forums for the purposes of guild recruitment and requiring them to meet a post count first is detrimental to their experience and encourages pointless spam posts.

    Q: Why is it called "MMO-Champion" if you only cover WoW/Blizzard games?
    A: MMO-C is primarily a WoW fansite but may cover other games occasionally. The reason for the general name is because Boubouille had initially intended to cover multiple MMOs, but time and interest necessitated the site being focused on World of Warcraft. Once the site user base had been established as WoW fans, it no longer made sense to diversify to content that only a fraction of readers cared about.



    Q: Could you add a forum for [insert topic]?
    A: We're always interested to hear what forums you think the site is missing, but we would need to make sure there's currently enough active discussions on the topic to sustain its own forum.

    Q: Why do the recent forum links take me to the last post in a thread?
    A: If you're not logged into an account on the site, the link will take you to the most recent post that caused the thread to be bumped to the top. If you are logged into the site, it'll take you to whichever page you last read in that thread. (Sources: 1, 2.)

    Q: Why does the site allow gold selling/pornographic/audio/etc. ads?
    A: We do our best to blacklist the bad ads as soon as possible, however we certainly don't condone the bad ones that manage to slip through. We ask that users please use the reporting bad ads thread to bring these to our attention, so we can report them to the appropriate people. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.)



    Q: Why can't I post links/have a signature/send private messages?
    A: You'll need to reach a minimum of 10 posts before you're able to do any of the above, though please don't spam to 10 posts just to be able to do these things. This is set in place to help cut down on the amount of spam advertisers. If you need to talk to a moderator while still under 10 posts, you can use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the site to message an admin. (Sources: Sig1, Sig2, Sig3, Sig4, Links1, Links2, Links3, PM.)

    Q: What are the different ranks/titles that users can get from post count?
    A: Check out the this link to see all of the ones available. However, please do not spam just to reach a particular one.

    Q: Can I get a custom title?
    A: Not by asking. Custom titles usually just.. happen.

    Q: How can I change my username?
    A: Click "Settings" in the top right hand corner of the page under your name, Scroll down until you see on the left hand side "Edit Profile" and click that option, In the second section where it says "Edit Username" type in the new name in the text box and then click "save changes" at the bottom of the screen. Congrats you have changed your name

    Q: How often can I change my username?
    A: Once every 90 days.

    Q: Can everyone see my name change history?
    A: No. Mods can, but regular users can not see your name change history.

    Q: Can I revert to my old name if I decide I don't like the new one?
    A: No, but once the wait period is up you can change back to your previous name. In addition, when you change your name your old name will be reserved for 365 days to prevent anyone from using that name.

    Q: How many posts do I need to have to change my name?
    A: You need to have at least 10 constructive posts outside of the Fun Stuff and Chat Zone forums to be able to change your name. There occasionally is some lag between when you make your 10th post and when the system will register it, so just give it some time and check back.

    Q: Can you delete my account?
    A: You can use the "Contact Us" feature at the top of the site to request it from an admin.



    Q: What should I do if I see some one breaking the site rules?
    A: We have an excellent sticky covering all there is to know about reporting posts. Please make sure to check it out if you have any questions regarding the topic.

    Q: Why was I infracted for [insert infraction type]?
    A: Something you posted broke the site rules. Please read over the guidelines/FAQ for this site to avoid further infractions. If you wish to contest the infraction, see the following question.

    Q: Can I appeal an infraction?
    A: Sure. Feel free to PM a Global Mod with any concerns involving a particular infraction or request appeal. (Sources: 1, 2, 3.)

    Q: Why did my signature get removed?
    A: Because it broke the site's signature restrictions. Please make sure to read this thread on them to avoid future signature removal.

    Q: But I've had this signature for months! Why did it get removed now?
    A: Contrary to what a lot of people believe, signature removal is not an automated process. It's most likely that a moderator just happened to notice your signature recently, or it was only recently reported. Just like bad posts, we rely quite a bit on users reporting oversized signatures.

    Q: How do I complain about a moderator?
    A: Feedback concerning a moderator's behavior or actions should be directed to the global moderators. If the problem concerns a global mod or you don't feel comfortable with that, you can use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the site to reach an admin.

    Q: How do I apply to become a moderator?
    A: If you think you've got what it takes, fill out this form. Yep, it's that easy! (More info on the process: 1, 2.)

    Q. Who are the Globals/Supermods?
    A. Globals, also known as Supermods, have blue names on the forum. They have global permissions to all subforums, assist with site policy, and oversee the regular (green name) moderator team. The current global team is: Tziva, Radux, Elysia, Zaelsino, xskarma, Venara, and Simca.



    Q: How do you pronounce Boubouille?
    A: "Boo-boo-ye" (mute E) is how it would sound to most English speakers. Or you can just call him Bibi!

    Q: Is Boubouille male or female?
    A: I'll let his answer (#3) to this question speak for itself.
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    Updated to reflect the changes in how Username changes are done.

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    Per chaud, updated to reflect that most moderation concerns should go to the globals rather than admins.

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    Updated to add a master list of the global mods.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

    TzivaRadux SimcaElysiaZaelsinoxskarmaVenara

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