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    WoW sound files ogg

    I've been trying to extract some sound files from WoW's MPQ files, but all ogg files extracted are missing 1 second of the sound at the end.
    I used MPQEditor and WinMPQ and no luck yet. I know that people that extracted those sounds before, anyone has an idea why it is not working?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Don't really know what the problem could be. I use WinMPQ too, and convert the extracted OGGs to MP3s with Audacity if I plan on saving them. If I play the OGG files directly in a media player it looks like the last 1-3 seconds are being cut off of the progress bar but the clips aren't actually being cut off.

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    Can you give a few examples of the sound files that are being trimmed? I've never noticed any 1 second cuts myself. Issue is likely to be with whatever you're using to play them back (assuming you're using the raw OGG's), I doubt there's an issue with them being extracted since you've tried two separate MPQ viewers.

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