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    Is Rift losing subscribers and fading away???

    First I have played Rift since beta. I was in my local Wal-Mart and Rift is now down to $20 with a months free game time. If Rift was going strong and adding subscribers daily why would they need to drop the price in half? Just want to see if any one has any info and also want opinions.

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    I'm guessing it will be a few more months beofre they announce "We are now free to play"

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    As I remember, Rift was down to $20 long time ago..
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    Opinion:What did you expect? Same thing will happen to most(if not all) other subscription based mmo while WoW is active
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    Hm...Rift lowers the price, WoW just offered an annual pass - I guess there are many ways to secure / increase your customer base.

    However, try and google as you may, I can only find information on subs about WoW, not about Rift or Aion or similar...so the answer is: We don't know.

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    I got the game (was given to me) and didn't play past the free month (neither did the person who bought it so I didn't feel too bad). Since then I've gotten pretty regular e-mails advertising free-to-play weekends for past subscribers. I kinda figured it was headed downhill quickly after I saw the first one.

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    didnt have that many subscribers so that someone can actually notice its losing any. another crappy mmo bites the dust

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    Yeah No.

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