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    Patch 4.3 Preview - Worgen Racial Mounts

    Update - Added a blue post clarifying the reasoning behind the blog post.

    Worgen Racial Mounts Clarification
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    The intention with the new mounts was just to honor player concerns about achievements and even up the mount totals between the alliance and the horde. It’s something people had been requesting since the release of Cataclysm, so we’re evening up the numbers by giving the Alliance some additional mounts to add to their totals.

    The Worgen racial mount is Running Wild. These are just some extra horses, for your horse needs. Perhaps the blog should have been titled 'New Gilnean Faction Mount'? Or maybe just 'Wyld Stallyns'? We may actually edit the blog to clarify why these mounts were added. To be clear, it’s not because we think worgen look their awesomest riding horses.

    The intention wasn't really to hype this up, so much as to simply inform and reduce confusion. Our thought was, rather than let these be introduced without any context via data-mining, that it seemed like a better idea to introduce them ourselves with a bit of context.

    [...] There was some miscommunication regarding the initial reason why these mounts were added. After talking with the devs again these mounts are actually being added because they already happened to be available and we thought it’d be nice to make them able to be purchased and ridden. Which is unfortunately quite a bit different than how we understood and framed the blog.

    Their existence also allows us to give players that faction change to Worgen something in exchange for their old racial mount. Right now if you faction change to Worgen you lose your previous home-faction mounts, and so we’re also trying to correct that with this change.

    Patch 4.3 Preview - Worgen Racial Mounts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We're not going to make it very far without transportation, are we? If we just hightail it out of here, the forsaken will catch up to us in no time at all.

    Rounding up some horses from the stable grounds southeast of here would normally be a breeze, but there's one snag. That last quake must've spooked Koroth, the ettin, down from the mountains. If we don't get our horses soon, I fear that he will.

    In patch 4.3, we’ll be introducing worgen racial mounts to the stables of Azeroth. These sleek horses have been constant companions for the denizens of Gilneas since time immemorial, and your worgen characters will now be able to claim their ancestral mounts.

    Click on the images below for a preview of what’s coming:

    We hope you’ll visit the new worgen racial mount vendor to pick out a steed to call your own.
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    Wow....THAT is all they could come up with?

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    All the wait, and all they come up with is a default horse model.

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    These mounts look so epic. Can't wait!

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    A bit lame tbh, I think the worgens current mount ability is way cooler and more unique. Now, instead of a movement ability that no other race has, they get - another bloody horse.

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    Is Blizzard trolling?

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    that's disappointing and disgusting... just wow...

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    Is it April 1st today??

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    lmfao, whats wrong with running wild looks much better then thoose ponies

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    eleventh roflzor

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    I'm usually a "Blizzard Apologist"...but...really?Now, I get it that it supports the Lore...that they constantly revamp...but...really? That's it?

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    Wow.. just wow. First they say no mounts. Then they do this. This is just lazy.

    It looks like Blizz got tired of people complaining that Worgen didn't get a mount so they were just like.. here have a horse. I think they would have put more thought into this if it was for April Fool's instead of this. >.>

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    What the alliance complained enough for mount balance>_> you dont expect a dragon with alliance symbols everywhere do you guys=D

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    Kek .. the grey one is Donkey from Shrek ..

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    Honestly, I suspect they're trying to stop the 'Horde have 2 more mounts! blatant favouritism!' daftness It may be a fairly naff mount, but it's a mount nonetheless.

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    This is pathetic and frustrating. Pathetic because its just the default horse model and they're trying to make this like its something special. Frustrating because all of the news they've released on 4.3 so far is Transmogging, a new DMF, and now this. All things I don't care about. How about some previews on raid content, class balance and skills, etc.

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    This is how you fight the no content problem!!!! Well done Blizzard.

    Lol JK... this sucks
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    They need a bigger budget. They aren't making enough cheddar off us so they can't employ any new artists. That's ok because I really like these new horses.

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    really creative, blizz

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