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    glyph of shadow: finally!

    So stoked about being able to see my new gear much better while staying in shadow form. Tier 13 anyone? Blizzard does listen!

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    Even moreso than seeing gear, I'm glad it will probably also effect Shadow Priest mounts. Some of the mounts look terrible with their alpha so low.

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    Better late than never i guess.
    I will use it for sure since now i have the chance of looking like an actual armored humanoid than a dark smudge.

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    Thoughts about the new shadow form?

    Hey guys, so the new form has just been revealed and most of us kinda expected it to be a rather "lighter" version of the standard shadow form.
    Anyhow i hoped it would'nt be but instead a new interresting look. What do you think about the new glyph? Personally i think its great altho i
    innerly hoped for a reskin :E

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    I'm satisfied. I don't really bother showing off my leet epix anyway, but the dark blob running around on my screen can get a bit boring...

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    i like it, and will probably use it mainly because i like to see my mounts in detail

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    looks better imo

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    I think the new glyph is great for people who don't like the big, dark, glowy shadowform effect, and who like to be able to see their gear.

    I don't think I'll use it, but it's nice to have that option

    Quote Originally Posted by jyoung91 View Post
    So stoked about being able to see my new gear much better while staying in shadow form. Tier 13 anyone? Blizzard does listen!
    I'm gonna go ahead and change my vote to "If I get T13 on my priest alt, I will definitely use this glyph"
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    Merged the two threads... always good to at least look through the first page to see if there are similar threads before creating a new one.

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    They should have done the opposite IMO.. use the glyph if you want to remain so dark. Just like they did with druids.

    It just doesn't feel right to waste a glyph slots for that, even if some minor glyphs are obviously debatable, they are still more useful than not having them.

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    Great addition to the game for sure. Shadowform has looked like garbage since vanilla and this is way overdue. I'd prefer a cool looking shadowform, but a barely noticeable one sure as hell beats the one we have.

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    I'll not use it on any of my toons. and this is why:

    lorewise the shadowform is supposed to be you turning into shadow energy, like a shadow ascendant:

    it's not supposed to be something that makes you a little darker. it's supposed to turn you into a non-corporeal mass of evilness.

    no me gusta
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    I'm torn on it frankly. I like how Tier 2 looks in Shadow now. Guess I'll decide when it comes out.
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    Shadowform is just that, Shadow.
    If they wanted it to be called Darker-than-the-rest-form then sure.

    Can imagine there will be a lot of people that will state: "Great, I can finally see my gear."

    Roll a disc or holy priest then lmao.

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    It's always going to vary by player preference, and it's a spectrum of like/dislike for how shadowform looks now. Having an option for a lighter form isn't bad because it gives people options.

    I personally prefer the form as is, but I may end up using the glyph depending on the gear I mog before I get t13 shoulders and helm. Some silhouettes for mog look menacing without the detail, but being able to see it may be beneficial for other sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azrielen View Post
    Even moreso than seeing gear, I'm glad it will probably also effect Shadow Priest mounts. Some of the mounts look terrible with their alpha so low.
    Some really do look awful with the alpha. Headless Horsemans mount is one for sure. I'm kind of excited for this glyph honestly.

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    dislike wont use it.
    Do gnomes have a vibrate setting?

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    I hope Blizz gives us the chance to target friendlies that use that glyph.

    I've loads of 3xORBS MBs to spare for them :P

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    I wasn't sure but then I saw it and yes I LIKES IT!!!! <3
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    I like that this ability is available but I don't like the use of a limited resource to achieve the solution. Things like how you look shouldn't be implemented through limited resources, you don't use a glyph to decide your hair style. This is how it should be implemented, vanity should be exclusive to limited resources.

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