Thread: Mage or Priest?

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    Mage or Priest?

    I'm trying to decide on an alt. I've narrowed it down to Mage or Priest. I played both some back in Vanilla/TBC but have no experience with them since then.. and things have changed a lot. I like that Priests have a second role but it is also limiting of their DPS specs, whereas Mages have a total of 3.

    One thing that annoyed me about mages was that a lot of the time you'd be standing still casting spells and that leaves you open to interrupts. Now that every class has some kind of interrupt it seems like that would get annoying fast. Priests on the flip side seem to have many instant casts or quick casts (1.5s).

    How are Mages/Priests in PvP? I'll probably do non-Rated BG's and some 2's/3's with friends (Rogue).

    What about soloing old content? Are both classes about the same capability wise?

    World PvP? Favor one or the other?

    Any personal feelings for those that have both classes and can provide better insight? Thanks!

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    Wouldnt take long to realise y..

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    i would say mage is one of the very best classes for pvp, but i prefer how priests for pve.

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    PvP: Mage.
    Otherwise Priest.

    Though there are way better classes than Mage for PvP.
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