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    anyone nkow how long the maintenance is on the website?
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    Quote Originally Posted by almalexia View Post
    i cant believe that i finally got a beta invite, and its for the EXACT SAME DAY SKYRIM IS RELEASED. bioware are some cruel mofos, aren't they.
    Me thinks it's sort of a thunder-steal. But that's not really a bad thing considering that in the midst of MW3 and Skyrim they want the barely contained buzz to sort of shake things up. Good marketing strategy and solid idea to help shake people off the fence if they're worried about further holiday games. And it's cool that my pal and guild-mate got his invite this morning. The man nearly squealed. It was worth that alone even if I didn't get one.
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    Got mine... if anyone happens to have a spare Dota 2 key they'd like to trade for it, shoot me a PM.

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    Lots of people getting beta inv and I didn't get one /jelous

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    I feel the pain Alanni
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