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    How are you going to play TOR?

    I was wondering what the game plan for the people here is when they finally get their gruppy hands on this game?

    I am personally planning to treat it basically as a single player game with a chat I have loved BioWare games since the first BG, and I have faith that they will deliver this time too. Eg. Baldur's Gate games had so much content in them and that was largely because of the companions, it really made a huge difference which characters you had in your party and you were really interested in their stories. So I ended up playing through BG2 probably like half a dozen times, and still I wished BioWare had continued the story and expanded the world. So finally over 10 years later here is a game that is basically never ending BioWare story. The game world is way bigger than any other BioWare game has had so far, and they will keep expanding it for the years to come, so how could I not be excited!

    So I'm planning to right away make a character on both sides to see the main story unfold as fully as possible. I'll try to find every single quest I can and advance the stories of my companions. Once I finish that on my first two characters I'll make more to experience the stories of the different classes, and of the companions that come with them. I think that should keep me busy for few months at least!

    What I'm not really interested in is the end game. I mean I've done dailies, raids, battlegrounds, etc. in WoW, and I plan to keep my WoW subscription open so I'll have those in WoW still anyway. That kind of content doesn't really interest me one bit in TOR. What I'm looking for in TOR is the stories BioWare is so great at making, and seeing those stories unfold is what I want to do.

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    I'm going to wing it untill max lvl then ill thing about what i'm going to do. I'm going to play with a friend and i'm starting a sith inquisitor and she will play sith warrior.

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    On a computer.

    In all seriousness, pretty much like a singleplayer and take my time with leveling.

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    I will be playing loads. I will, as such, be levelling fast - not on a time played basis, but on a real world basis, since I will be playing far mroe than the average player, as such I will hit level 50 fairly fast, but it won't be by powerlevelling and skipping content, I intent to try and complete mostly every quest I can find and do all the group quests and so on, I certainly want to experience all of the story in the levelling content before I get to the end game.

    I will be levelling with my gf, and possibly some friends, so we may do quite a few dungeon runs too.

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    I will be doing my best to experience all the things this game has to offer, even raiding. I never got into raiding in WoW but I think it's at least worth trying out in SWTOR. But the biggest draw is definitely the leveling and storyline, I already have a plan to level at least four characters. I'll probably be leveling at least two characters before I even get into raiding though.

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    like this

    No WoW commentary please, only results in flamewars.
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    To begin with I'd probably treat it like Diablo2 while on, Single Player but with a couple friends to keep me entertained. After that not sure, haven't read up too much on whats available end game.

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    Drunk naked with Cheetos..... thats how i will spend the first day playing TOR

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    Definitely taking my time to play through the story and content. I'm going to finish every quest I can before I move on to a new planet, finish every flashpoint possible multiple times, and PvP occasionally when I feel like it. I'm not planning on raiding and even if I were, the game is going to be out for years to come, there's no reason for me to rush to max level and deny myself a fun gaming experience.

    I'm planning on trying out a trooper vanguard and a smuggler gunslinger to see which one I want to level up first, but eventually I'll play every class on both sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trakanonn View Post
    like this

    LOL this is funny even tho i hate Tom, but i did this at the start of cata when they nerfed all the roics, i love the roics they reminded me of BC roics but then they nerfed em and it felt like wotlk roics so i unsubed and about 3 months ago i completely deleted wow off my comp, so yeah ive already done this but still funny.
    on topic tho im gona play it like its a MMO theres plenty of single player games out there if u want to play solo, this is not one of them

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    I'm gonna play it to its full potential, that means not skipping, or speeding right through to the end.

    If I wanted an endgame grind I would play one of the many other games made with a focus on the endgame hamster wheel.

    I'm going to appreciate what this game has to offer and certainly the story which will make it different/stand out from the many other mmos.

    Eventually yes, I will get to that endgame grind but there is no way I'm going to expect (and certainly won't whine) when it is not endless. Again if I was gonna play an MMO solely for the raids/operations I would play one of the many others out there I wouldn't be illogical and pick SWTOR.
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    like any other bioware game but without being able to reload. oh man that's gonna bug me for a while. I waste so much time reloading for the different dialogues.

    I'll be slow with exploring and doing all the quests. I think I will check out flash points and pvp some though. will be tough to chose what companions to use some of the time. well depends on the class. when I play the Jedi Knight that droid will be sitting on the ship doing nothing as fast as possible.

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    Going to play it like a co-op campaign with my brother, and once we hit max level probably raid. I don't think the PvP looks that great, and other games are doing it better anyways, so I'll probably skip that. The leveling and raiding look fantastic though, so I'll definitely be sticking around for that.
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    Enjoy the questing journey and absorb the story. Then devote my time to pvp and raiding.

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    gonna play it co-op style with my brother, see how many flashpoints we can actually do with just us and our companions.

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    Hopefully meet some nice people, learn all the aspects of the game, get good at auction markets, and have a great time!

    No rush on leveling, I'm looking forward to losing myself for awhile...

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    I intend to enjoy the story and level. I plan to group with people in my guild for pvp and flashpoints as well. No rush though. I waited too long to rush it!

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    Going to take my time, but do both the story line quests and as much group stuff as i can too

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    rush to max so I'm ready for raiding asap, then maybe later level an alt on offdays, when I'm not playing dcuo or skyrim
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