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  • Hip-hop/Rap

    9 11.84%
  • Country

    0 0%
  • Pop

    0 0%
  • Rock

    14 18.42%
  • Metal (death ect..)

    22 28.95%
  • Classical

    1 1.32%
  • Oldies

    0 0%
  • R & B

    2 2.63%
  • Indie

    5 6.58%
  • I listen to EVERYTHING!

    23 30.26%
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    [Music] What kind of music do you like?


    What do we like to listen too?

    Damnit, forgot to put dubstep/house or whatever. -.-
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    Oldschool rap, reggae, classic, pop, trance, electro, jazz, metal, rock, etc...

    Did I say everything?

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    Basically everything. You would have a harder time finding music I hate.

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    I guess everything? Though it is primarily electronic.

    And jazz, which also isn't up there.

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    primarily classical music, hardstyle and rap but I listen to basically every kind of music at least once in a while - maybe with the exception of metal.

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    RnB ! probably the only one on the website who does listen to it..

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    Trance and ambient are my favourites. Too few options, couldn't vote

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    I mostly listen to rap, rock and classical. But I have found songs that I love from every genre....except country ><
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    Depends, I like a lot of indie/alternative sub rock stuff like, Arcade Fire. I like electric vibe stuff, like Gorillaz or Daft Punk. I like mathrock. I like baroque world class stuff like, Beirut. I like dubstep, Skrillex/Flux Pavillion/Mt Eden stuff. I like stuff like Chiddy Bang/Kid Cudi, I like country/indie/folk stuff like Connor Oberst, and Fanfarlo. I like mashups by The Hood Internet/White Panda.And finally throw in some chick singers like Ellie Goulding/La Roux. And some Jazz like John Coltane. But I wouldn't say I like EVERYTHING, just very specifics of certain subclass genre's, though all music has its certain respects. I voted indie, simply for the every day tunes.
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    I voted everything, but my preferred music is Classical and music that tries its hardest to make me come up with new names for genres. Also Rap, depending on my mood.

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    Death Metal since 1989.

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    I listen to everything apart from rap as i find it crap it all depends on the mood im in that decide what genre/song i want to listen to.

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    This kind of music.

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    Anything somewhat old. I hate pretty much all new stuff. Disturbed has gone downhill, we live in a world plagued by Gaga/JB/Kesha, most rap these days is 'fuck bitches get money drugs are cool'
    I really miss old stuff. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, AC/DC. Sucks that everyone around my age (17) listens to all the new stuff. It annoys the hell out of me.
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    I consider myself a (death) metal head, but I listen to a little bit of several wildly varied genres. Not quite everything, but it's probably more accurate than just saying metal.

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    Well my fav band is AFI.


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