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    Start a guild?

    Anyone interested in potentially starting a Hardcore Republic guild?

    This isn't a recruitment thread, but more so gathering any interest in forming one.

    My interest would be rolling on a PvP server. World PvP! <3 and ideally I'm thinking Mon-Thurs or Tues-Thurs 7/8pm - Midnight (EST). Depending on amount of content. Focused on pushing for firsts among the servers in PvE (16m) with a side of PvP domination. I've been in Top10 US WoW guild and been GM also before that so I have a rough idea of a foundation if these plans go through.

    I have 0 interest in RP, with that being said I will not say I'm not going to allow it. It would be one of my least concerns and not a priority of the guild.

    I pick Republic for the fact I enjoy competition as the underdogs on the server. Seeing as Empire will most likely overpopulate Republic on most, if not all the servers at release.

    Anyone have interest in collaborating?

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    This would probably be better posted in the individual's looking for guilds thread. I understand what you're trying to do is a bit different, but if others started doing this as well, it would just be spam.

    And just a thought in the subject, most hardcorish people are probably already in that type of guild. Good luck though.


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