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    Wink PTR 4.3 Pet Bug :D


    BM / 31 - 9 - 1 Specc / Hyjal Mount (dont know the name, magara?)

    just because of my name ppl thought that iam using really a hack .. i had whispers omg..
    it was funny ..
    click on my channel to view the other bugged pet videos

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    if i make a post like this : go to youtube and search PTR 4.3 Hunter Pet Bug and so on .. no one would do this and no one would see this awesome action

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    EDIT: NVM. Missunderstood.

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    Hi http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...mes-on-the-PTR

    All pets were bugged, inheriting the abilities they had pre tamed. Deth'tilac for instance didn't deal damage, directly killed on hit. Ghostcrawler Nerfbat was hella funny. Kirix was one of the best since he could knockback bosses and an insane AoE silence/heal reduction/damage. There were infinite possibilities.
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    too bad you dont have dethtilac, you could have gone and 1shot some raid bosses

    skarr's KCs ramped up to 500k also, if you could get him to stay in melee range. all he does it cast fireball and add 10% dmg every time he does it.

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    This nit a bug, this is BM buff

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