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    I just like the general idea of it, even if I can't kill a boss from 40 yds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtua View Post
    I've never found tanking to be any more or less challenging than DPS or healing personally. Tanking in WoW right now just bores me to death, it's incredibly easy to hold threat and, outside of Prot Warrior tanking, feels slower paced than DPS. It depends upon class mechanics more than anything really. I've always found DPS to be the most competitive in PvE, healing in most MMOs is either mana-management based or basically a "whack-a-mole" minigame, and tanking more about popping CDs and positioning enemies.
    Tanking isn't challenging in itself - it's just the least inuitive of the 3 roles.

    For DPS, the Rule Of Thumb(tm) is GET OUT OF FIYAHHH. Ok? Resume pewpew.

    For Healing, it's as you said, mana management, and whack a mole. Sometimes they need to anticipate a heavy blow or heavy AOE, but it's usually predictable (at a preset % of boss health, or the boss starts channeling an obvious crushing blow. Point being, fast reactions will almost ensure good heals, assuming you don't know the encounter.

    Tanking's "positioning enemies" and popping CDs, that's the part that you can't ever "react" to the very first couple times you do the boss. You either have to already know, or you wipe the group. That's why tanking is the least filled role in WoW and Rift, and that's also why most heroic guides are directed at the tank. He's after all, the driver of the group (directs, positions, calls out). Healer's the fuel (keeps everyone topped off), and DPS are the engine (determines how fast the boss goes down).

    And finally, yes sadly wow is no longer holding threat that's the challenge - it's jumping through the mechanic's fire hoops and musical chairs. And after your 3rd-4th run, it's mindless. But it definitely isn't so the first few times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Booniehat View Post
    He's after all, the driver of the group (directs, positions, calls out). Healer's the fuel (keeps everyone topped off), and DPS are the engine (determines how fast the boss goes down).
    I LIKE that analogy, gunna steal that

    And sadly Threat Gen now is fairly boring... BUT Tanking back in TBC was HARD. Try to tell me that AoE tanking as a druid was easy, when the only AoE tool you had was Swipe, hitting three people, and I'll say you clearly never tanked Shattered Halls heroic in a pug

    Hopefully in Swtor holding threat will actually require some WORK, which it's looking to, based on what we've seen. That leads to more interesting boss fights, not just 'push any frakkin button, it doesn't matter, but make sure you chain CD's as survivability is all that counts!'
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    I will be enjoying my Sith Warrior as a Jugg

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    Tanks will be interesting. I won't be playing one immediately as I'm rolling an Imperial Agent to start but it's on the list

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