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    Shadow Priest PvP questions

    Hey guys, just finished gearing my priest up for PvP/Arenas I did some 2's with a pally (holy) friend and we ended up at roughly 1550 rating. I was just wondering what a good partner/s for an spriest 2's/3's. Right now we're playing fairly bad players. I am trying to prepare myself for moving up in ratings and wanted some peoples opinions. I haven't seen pretty much any shadow priests yet in arenas or outside them so I don't really know how they operate at higher end arenas but what I am doing right now is, DoT's to start, flaying until I get AA, Fear and burning 3xMS 1xMB x2SW: D(Mana Burn healers). I also tend to pop out of shadow form and life grip my heals if he's in trouble or hymn if we're in a longer fight with another DPS/Healer team. I wanna start getting ready to do serious 3v3 arena (if possible with Spriest). Are there any addons, advice, secrets and pretty much anything else that would be great. Also I am having a pretty rough time with gems and reforge, I don't really know how to itemize for PvP now a days and as an spriest.

    I am a gnome.
    I am in a 4/7 H guild so I have access to trinkets/gear from that.

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    Spriest/Affliction Lock/Resto Shaman is going to be the best 3v3 comp available to you.
    Holy Pally healers also works, and substituting the lock with a mage or dk can work.

    Talbadar is definitely the #1 Shadow Priest since about season 8, so you should check out some of his videos and stuff. Here's his armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...albadar/simple
    He's in PvE gear atm though.

    For addons all you really need is Gladius & InterruptBar. These two are extremely helpful and all I would really recommend.

    It sounds like what you're doing right now is correct, and practice will help tune that a lot.
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    you, lock, shaman #1 comp. You, frost mage, hpal or shaman is ur 2nd best. Depending on the comp u play will decide the outcome of what u do. with the lock u want a nice dot spec, just spread dots keep up 5 evang and empowered shadow for max dot dmg. fear isnt a big factor in this comp.

    You and mage require a lot more setup. Apply dots, 5 evang, get a kill target, CC other 2 targets (make sure they have no trink of course) pop wings + trink and shadowfiend and go to town with MS MB, if u setup right u will always guarantee a kill.

    These are extreeeeeemely basic strats, a lot can happen of course, like u getting trained which sucks if ur mage is a horrible peeler.

    Always remember to be there for offheals, always use ur bubble, leap of faith as u stated, SW: D on CD for mana, save disperse as a LAAAST resort, but if ur team is way ahead and uve gotten behind on mana dont be afraid to disperse.

    One tip is if ur gonna pop cooldown make SURE u have a CC chain, because with the most horrible ridiculous retarded game ruining addon in the world out (gladiatorlossa) the SECOND they hear "dark archangel" theyll CC u through all ur CCs.

    Another tip that will come with practice and experience, learn to juke, and anticipate when u need to Mass dispel, so u can get it off either the second they pop their CD or at least a second after.

    I think thats all. GL in arena man shadow can be really fun but really frustrating when getting trained or cc'd through CDs. Just keep at it, and it will pay off!

    Wow i almost forgot u asked about gear. Get the disc pvp main sets (excluding shoulders) for all the hit from spirit, get crit and haste off pieces, reforge non haste to haste until u get 10%. also get spell pen capped (u will be fine with just getting spell pen cloak). power torrent on weapon. as far as trinkets the pvp trinket obviously, and for the second u can use the on use pvp trink for resil, i use soul casket for mastery and the on use 2k spell power, helps a bunch!

    Hope that helped GL!
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    Depending on your BG group, Shadowplay can be the best/worst comp you can run. There's a reason Talbadar has stopped playing it on live. The comp is soft-countered by any shaman-rushdown comp. Those comps include, RMP, DR/Ret/Priest, DK/Rogue/Priest, Liberty Cleave (DK/Mage/Priest), TSG, FMP, and RLS to an extent.

    Shadowplay is a comp designed to counter other wizard comps, theres no other comp other than maybe LSD 2.0 that can pump out as much pressure as Splay can. Plus, if you do decide to play splay, you will realize how frustrating it is to play against those shaman rushdown comps, for you will be doing everything in your power to keep your shaman alive while still expected to pump out solid burst to create pressure to force the team defensive. There are alot of things going on at once that most Spriests don't handle well.

    So, the only words of wisdom I can give from trying to climb the dead 3v3 ladder on Shadowburn while having to deal with all of these comps is to really analyze your BG. Find out what all the players that are Q'ing are playing and coordinate to play either Shatterplay or Splay depending on how melee heavy the BG is.

    Remember, while Shatterplay definitely has a better time dealing with these melee cleave teams, it does get soft-countered by warlock/shaman comps to an extent. So, I guess really you just have to pick your poison and roll with it.

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