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    (A) <Destined> 10 man Frostmourne Recruiting

    Destined is a newly formed guild looking to become a well respected hardcore 10 man raiding guild within the server. We strive to become one of the fastest progressed raiding guilds and to excel at everything we attempt.

    Raid Times: GMT+10 ST

    Wednesday - 7:00pm to 11.00pm
    Thrusday - 7:00pm to 11.00pm
    Monday - 7.00pm to 11.00pm

    We are currently seeking the following players

    1x Tank (Prot Pally or Bear)
    1x Warlock (1 Affliction)
    1x Shadow Priest

    We are specifically seeking the above classes and specs, but will be open to other classes and spec's interests assuming high situational awareness and high numbers.

    We will not be gearing up players, we expect the character you will be raiding on to be in 370+ gear, pvp gear is not a substitute to get your gear level higher.

    All players applying must have a viable PVE offspec, and must have both primary professions at max level.

    - Able to make all raid times.
    - Computer/Connection stable for 10 raids.
    - Must have ventrilo and working mic.
    - All gear chanted, gemmed before raid.
    - Must be able to pull your own weight, if you are far behind dps or heals.. you are being carried.
    - Stuffing up several times to easy mechanics is unacceptable, learn quicker.
    - Adapt to bad RNG mechanics, dont blame RNG.
    - Turning up on time, preferably 15mins before raid starts.

    If players cant make the requirements and are being carried, they will be replaced straight away, not after the raid.

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