Gasm is a horde guild on the Oceanic server Saurfang. We raid on Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays from 8.00pm - 11.00pm server time. Applicants are to post in our website's forums:

We are looking for a healer for our main 10man heroic Firelands team, specifically a Shaman or a Priest.
The perfect applicant would
  • have experience in normal or heroic Firelands
  • be able to show up to the majority of our raids
  • have great raid awareness and the ability to learn quickly
  • be able to use Mumble to communicate with us
  • have a positive attitude and enjoy raiding and having fun

Also, a well geared DPS offspec would be preferred.

Gasm can offer you
  • Free to use voice comms (Mumble)
  • Organised and well run raids
  • Guild repairs for all raiders
  • A close community of friendly players
  • Optional fun events where you can win prizes from the WoW trading card game

Interested applicants should post on our forums at
If you have any questions please whisper Rhaistlin, Bigwanglol or myself (Laws) in game on the server Saurfang.