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    Priest lore

    Hi guys. I love the priest class, but know nothing about the lore. So what role does the priest have in warcraft and how strong and respected are they. Thx for replies and have a good day.

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    The race holding priests in the highest regards would be the Night Elves. Originally, the males became druids, while the females could become priestesses. WoW threw this lore around a bit, so it's a bit more complicated these days. But considering that Tyrande is the PVP faction boss of her people, while not strictly speaking holding any role of power says a lot.

    The humans had a priesthood - the clerics of northshire. They soon found that sending pre-vanilla priests out in PVP was a bad bad idea, and was virtually eradicated. The human paladins started out as a military faction originating from the remains of the priest order. Out of all races, the humans have the most history when it comes to priests. Also, Onyxia when she was controlling stornwind, was a priest. If you haven't seen the movie "Blind" yet, you should. That's how a priest is OP.

    The dwarves picked up both priests and paladins from the humans, but they're not really a notable part of the dwarven society - there are no named dwarf priests around as far as I know, and thus no organization surrounding them. So as a dwarf priest, you would probably have to make all this up. Dwarven shamans have way more lore attached to them than dwarven priests.

    Orcs can't be priests, so skipping those greenskinned bastards

    Gnomes are strictly speaking not really religious of nature. But they are curious, and have been observing those smelly dwarf priests for quite a while. I like to think of gnome priests as combat medics, using healing spells just as any other effective tools. Whether this leads to any enlightenment remains to be seen.

    And as far as the spacegoats go, Velen, their leader, is undeniably the most awesome priest in the world (tm). When the burning legion expansion pack comes, he will be there, facing down Sargeras. And probably win, with a little help from 25 random adventurers.

    I always liked the blood elves way of dealing with the holy light. It's less of a "use this force to spead good", and more about "use this force in any way that is awesome for ME!". To the point where the blood elves captured a Naruu, and started draining it of power just so that the priests and paladins had a stable source of power. Since the Sunwell incident, this has changed, but it just goes to show how twisted those blood elves really are.

    And speaking of twisted, the forsaken have their own interpretation of the light, that deals less with "holy" and more with "balance". My priest was shipped off to shadowpriest Allister back in TBC, where she learned all the fun facts about how to torture victims with negative holy light, and how this insight was meant to embrace and empower the holy aspects by understanding that any force can be used for both good and evil, and that the Yin is nothing without the Yang. Of course, in the forsaken vocabulary, "balance" means the evil parts are generally enhanced. It was a good lesson, except I don't think the gnome subject survived.

    Taurens recently picked up the fact that there are more powers than their earth mother around. So now you have sunwalkers, who more or less worship the sun - their intepretation of the holy light. But honestly, I am not sure it's a great lore addition. It feels a bit forced.

    And finally we have the trolls. Troll priests have ALL the good recipes for cooking other players. You should totally try the shrunken head barbecue. Mmmmm!
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    I like to think more along the line that the light is part of everything and cannot be created or destroyed (think about the life circle of the Naruu), but merely "rearranged/moved" or directed. Without a difference in the distribution of light nothing could change - living is change - just a a stone cannot fall on a flat surface. It would need a hole to fall into or an elevation to fall off of.
    So while the holy school is the collecting of light from everywhere and leading it to a specific place, the shadow school is the taking of light from somewhere and distributing it elsewhere. Its just the other side of the very same thing, like creating a heap and digging a hole would both be moving earth.
    This could also explain how there could be undead who are not living and get harmed by the light but still behave similar to the living. While the living would contain more light than their surroundings and would be healed by gaining more light and damaged when it is taken away from them the undead would contain less than their surroundings and thus be damaged by the light while getting stronger when it is taken away from them. (Like a hole in the ground cannot be destroyed when you take earth away from it but by filling it up.)
    Even the dangers but possibility of handling the shadow school for the living and holy school for the undead would become apparent. Only how holy spells can damage living and shadow spells undead is more difficult to explain (aside from atonement and vampiric embrance, which both could be the transfer of light from one source to another). Most likely its just the shock.

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    Well Im horde, and any kind of magic the blood elves use is just a tool to benifit themselves. That goes with holy magic as well, so if they are healing or damage priests they are just doing it because they feel it is the way to go to further thier own power =D

    same goes with forsaken, basically.

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