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    The Chosen
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    People who don't buy the deluxe edition should be permanently banned. I'm sick of playing with poor people.

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    "The Lightbringer" from the Argus meta-achievement.

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    Highlord... obviously

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    No title, since paladins are not about titles.
    All right, gentleperchildren, let's review. The year is 2022 - that's two-zero-two-two, as in the 21st Century's perfect vision - and I am sorry to say the world has become a pussy-whipped, Brady Bunch version of itself, run by a bunch of double-masked tripple-jabbed sissies who stand with Ukraine.

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    I had a paladin on a different server back in WoD called "Rogers". His title was Captain. Needless to say I was protection so I could throw shields around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    No title, since paladins are not about titles.
    That's why basically every paladin in the game has some sort of title "Lifebringer", "The Redeemer", "Lightbringer", "The Dire", "Highlord".... They are knights; they are ALL about titles.

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    Duricell the Undying

    Yes I know it is spelled incorrect. It was on purpass, duracell is a brand and I would of had to redo it, since it is a brand name.

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    My paladins go with 'the Immortal' It's fitting as prot.
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