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    I'm still not sure what the devs were pushing for with our 4pc. Sure, the 4pc will be an awesome way to try out 5.0 mechanics, but mind spike is still far too weak to spam single target over dots. However, as a multitarget cooldown... (ei Dots up on the main boss, shadowfiend+mindpspike spam on a secondary target) the set bonus might be very effective.

    Personally, I still feel the shadowfiend portion or the bonus is rather weak... and expect to be rather disappointed by it. I've wanted to do more theorycrafting on this set bonus, but I've been so bogged down between RL issues, and trying to get this 4.3 BiS list ready to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagassh View Post
    What? I've seen boni used regularly here in the UK, you do realise how much the English language is drawn from Latin and still features Latin words in use, right?
    I am very informed on wordage, not "words use," as you stated. Since I learned Latin in school, and am not retarded enough to use it incorrectly in a forum post, I will educate you briefly so as to put this matter to rest once and for all.

    Bonus stems from the Latin word Bonum, which means "good," but that's besides the point. The point is that the plural Latin form of Bonum, in English, is "Bona" not "Boni"

    The only time Boni is ever used is to invoke a plural masculine nominative. For example, if Boni were to be translated in English, it would literally mean "Male bonuses." Since English is a Germanic Language, it does not associate gender inside the object (Romantic Languages do, i.e. the Spanish word Chico = guy, Chica = girl). Instead, English uses the neutral nominative and leaves the gender association to Pronouns. For example, in English, we say "His Bonuses, Her Bonuses" not "Boni, Bonae." Finally, we use the word "Bonuses" instead of "Bona" because English follows the Germanic Language structure, not the Latin structure. So even though Bonus stems from Latin, Nagassh, it doesn't mean that we follow it's Latin grammatical structure.

    So two things:

    1. Squawl would have been politically incorrect, not utterly false if he used the word "bona" instead of "boni"
    2. I did study abroad in the UK for a year, and no Brit, intelligent or not, used that word. Furthermore, just because "boni" is a vernacular in your corner of the UK, doesn't mean you should associate it with all of the UK. It's just poor taste.

    Finally, no one cares about this anymore and you are deemed a troll if you continue this conversation.
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    I didn't bother reading through the whole thread because I was tired, but shadow priests and balance druids are simmed without dark intent. In fact, every class except warlocks are simmed without dark intent. Explains why they are 'low' on the sims, whereas in real raiding conditions they perform very well.

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    Guys... really it is not necessary to to carry on about how a person talks. It's gone on too much. Grammar trolling is not something that is acceptable around here so stop now... and don't do it in other threads either.

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    btw if anybody is interested: in germany we say "Bonus" (singular) and "Boni" (plural)^^
    quite funny
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    At the sound of it, looks like we'll be "just" in par with DI, leading to some miscalculated buffs wich will be "hotfixed" 3 days later.

    I feel like a deja-vu...

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    Shadow on PTR

    What happened to shadow in 4.3? This is not a troll. I love shadow, just been away from it for a while.

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    we were never that good in simcraft and our t12 4 bonus got nerfed so i don´t give much on the current simcraft results
    Thanks for that awesome signature i4ni

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    Simcraft can't clip mind flay, gear has been nerfed, doesn't factor in Dark Intent, most fights aren't Patchwerk-style, etc. Shadow will continue to be exceptional in 4.3 on the whole.

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    I'd draw your attention to the balance druid ranking, and remind you how well they are doing atm.
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    Stop looking for sense in a game that mails you dragons.
    This is your stop, time to get off the bandwagon.

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    My 2t13 is doing just fine.
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    Merged two threads with the same topic... Search is your friend.

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