View Poll Results: Will you buy items from the RMAH? How much are you willing to spend on 1 item?

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  • No way! I won't spend a dime!

    66 57.89%
  • I might spend single digit sums. Double digit at most. 1-99 dollars/euro/whatever

    36 31.58%
  • I will spend whatever it takes to have the best gear! 99+ dollars/euro/whatever

    12 10.53%
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    Herald of the Titans kailtas's Avatar
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    Gona rush to play on Inferno, so the RMAH is not an issue for me.
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    1 word, Ripoff. So I chose no because as I said in the beginning

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    Hard to say, I have a feeling blizzard are going to set things up so that everyone will at least have a some sort minor temptation to use the real money auction house. Heirlooms are very popular in wow as they make the the leveling process easier. To translate into wow terms the first time round playing diablo 3 might be like trying to get to 60 in white gear with the occasional green piece and only seeing 1 blue drop on the entire journey to 60. At lvl 60 you can go back and farm gear for your alts, but there aren't going to be many people that will want that time sink, they'll want to go straight to inferno so I can see people spending 2 pounds/dollars/euros/kroner here and there to cut out farming that doesn't benefit their lvl 60 character.

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    I really don't know. Probably not tho. If I do, I don't think I would pay more than a couple of dollars.
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    mounts only for me and vanity gear.

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    Nope, I won't buy anything. I don't want to.

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    I had an Epic Item drop this week doing MF Dalies and my first thought was " Damn, wish this was Diablo!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by vadorkon View Post
    For me, I will not add any money to my wallet. but all money i make from selling items is going to be re-invested into the game
    Same for me. Although I sold stuff in D2 and never bought anything. Making money playing a game instead of spending sounds like a nice change.

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    Hell frozen over. Minnesota.
    I will sell loads of stuff, but I"m not interested in buying items that I'll replace relatively quickly.

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    I wouldn't say never OP. diablo 3 may end up being your game. You know? That game that you're absolutely in love with , so a little monetary maintenance may not seem crazy.

    It all depends on how much I love the game.

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    Dont think it's very likely that I will buy anything, selling on the other hand.

    For me, I will not add any money to my wallet. but all money i make from selling items is going to be re-invested into the game

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