View Poll Results: Will you buy items from the RMAH? How much are you willing to spend on 1 item?

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  • No way! I won't spend a dime!

    66 57.89%
  • I might spend single digit sums. Double digit at most. 1-99 dollars/euro/whatever

    36 31.58%
  • I will spend whatever it takes to have the best gear! 99+ dollars/euro/whatever

    12 10.53%
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    Will you buy items from the RMAH?

    Will you spend real life currency on virtual loot?

    I personally will not. Ever. No matter how cheap items get, or how amazing they are. I might sell things for cash, but buy? Nope.

    I'm curious to see how many people will actually spend money on this feature. So far most of the discussion has been about whether or not it will be a viable means of income (lol), but that all depends on if people will actually buy from the AH wont it?

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    Depends. If I can make money out of it in the end, then yes I will.

    Won't ever spend money on upgrading my own char though.

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    Dunno..maybe? Depends on the price.

    I spend 10 Euros on a pet...but checked the prices on some lootcards (WoW TCG) to find them hopelessly overpriced. 299$ for a mount? All the way to ridiculous 1750$ for Murky. Is anybody willing to spend THAT much money? And people flame Blizzard for trying to get a cut of their own action?

    Most likely I will farm my arse off and try and sell some lucky drop.

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    Maybe. What I'll probably end up doing is selling items for real money, building up a small amount of cash in my battle net wallet, then using that to buy items. Not actually using any 'real' money, essentially.

    That said, if there's an imba awesome item up there and I happen to have the spare cash? Yeah sure, why not.

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    Yea I will for sure. Just the with the nature of Diablo there could (and will) be a couple items I really want and can never find. I won't have any issues spending like 5-10 bucks if I know something is the best that I can get (avoiding using the term BiS..). I won't buy entire gear sets by any means, that's no fun, but if I see a level 54-60 legendary Monk weapon with awesome mods and a decent price that I know I might never find? Hell yea I'm snapping that up.

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    Probably, I have a rule for all F2P and RMA transations in games: $20 bucks or less a month(basically the price of a monthly sub).

    I'm sure there will be some armor set I'm trying to complete, some weapon I think is really cool or what have you and I'll drop a few bucks on it. Hey, maybe I'll even SELL some stuff.
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    I doubt I will see myself buying items for my characters, unless I see some ridiculously overpowered item that is going for like, 1 pence (Or cent for you Americans )

    Would I buy something that is cheap, and I know that I can sell it off for more money and earn a profit for myself in the long run? Yeah probably would.

    I don't intended to spend masses of money on my character (if any), especially when I could just get out there and farm the item myself, and possibly even get a better item while doing it.
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    you know, even though i know it's not, it'd feel like cheating.

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    I won't rule it out completely, but it's not something I plan to do. If I see something I really want for my character at a reasonable price, and I have the cash, I might.

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    I am tempted for the spectral tiger, 600+$ on WoW TCG, thats the truth

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    For me, I will not add any money to my wallet. but all money i make from selling items is going to be re-invested into the game

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    The only way I see me doing any purchase from de RMAH, is if I already sold something in it. Making money to eventually buy stuff, so I won't use my real wallet, just a virtual one.

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    For as many people that won't buy from it, there will be the same amount that will, I for one will probably never use it, but will probably throw stuff up and maybe make a profit, but I am not expecting much from it if anything at all. Even if I only make money back to pay for D3 it is fine by me.

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    Absolutely. I have played plenty of Cash Shop based MMOs and so the concept of RMT gear or convenience items is not foreign to me.

    Big fan of allowing players to either spend time or money as they have in excess.
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    From the looks of things so far, even with this tiny fraction of d3 fans who have answered in this poll I think it'll be interesting to see what the prices will look like. It's pretty clear even without making polls that there will be a lot more supply than demand. A lot more people will be trying to make money than spending it, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    Not with money, but perhaps with some converted gold. I'm too poor to use real money.

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    No, I can't imagine anything that would make me want to spend real money on in-game items for D3. I have absolutely nothing against it in principle or other people doing it, and spending cash is not an issue, but it would just feel like a waste to me, and I hate wasting money. I'd rather get the satisfaction out of grinding something for a hundred hours and feeling like I worked for it - that's part of what I enjoy about this sort of game.

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    I have no problems spending whatever amount of cash on something I far as upgrading my characters stats though - I'm just not that competitive. I don't really mind having crappy gear as long as the game has just the right amount of challenge and fun for me.

    If it's the *only* way to get in to a decent level of PvP...I would. I mean, if I'd get absolutely steamrollered otherwise, then I'll get myself the gear I need. I'm assuming that the PvP will be matched in some way though...

    I think there's much more chance of buying stuff because it looks cool. If there's some fantastic looking outfit or pet or whatever...then I'll go for it.

    I suppose my point is that when I read "to have the best gear" - I'm assuming it means stats etc...I fall in to the >99 category, but best for me could well be more aesthetic.

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    Not, will play hardcore exclusively if I have the option.

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