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    Increase of artifacts for Archy in 4.3?

    So I was on the PTR killing time between ques for testing and was working on my Arch. I noticed instead of only 2-4 artifacts per dig I was getting between 5-9 artifacts per dig. Is this an undocumented increase for 4.3 or was this a change made awhile ago?

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    This would be amazing if it hits live.

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    seriously I'd love an increase to Arch pick ups.

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    If that goes live I will be beyond happy. Trying to get the dwarf & tol'vir pets got really boring & annoying. This would start me up again.
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    1. If your a dwarf you get those numbers due to racial (my dwarf gets 7 fragments quite frequently)

    2. Im hoping that the unused placement holder in the arch tab will be filled with Pandarian artifacts....seems logical no?

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    I was on my BE DK so no racial passive for me.

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    Agreed on the place holder been curious about that damned thing since day one of Cata.

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    I can confirm that there is a current fragment drop amount buff on the 4.3 PTR screen shot below:

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    Oh gosh, thank you Blizzard! I was just starting to level it on my new main finally, but its so hard doing it a 2nd time. So tedious. This will help. <3

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    maybe ill get past 429 now x.x
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    huge need

    gave up farming the drone, but if this goes live...^^

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    God I hope the increase goes live. Double bonus since I use dwarf. Arch is just too painful as is.

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    Still trying to farm the Tol'vir mount. This will help a little bit, but I have a feeling I still get frequent Night Elf sites even though I've found every artifact for that race. :\

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    Noticed the same thing last night when I finished up my vrykul horn on the PTR - x7, x7, x9.

    This would make me push for the rest of the artifact's I could use.

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    Yeah so hoping this isn't just some kinda bug they haven't caught yet. Wish there was a way we can get the higher ups here on MMO champ to let us know if that is something in the datamined info for the patch.

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    If this is true I will be so happy. I have been trying to get the crawling hand pet from Uldum for such a long time. Soooo many Night Elf digs. Never the rare Doll proc so I can finally be done with the Night Elf rares. I would love more fragments!
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    If this is true, how many artifacts would the dwarf than get o.o
    A dwarf can test this out? That would be really cool to know!

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    If that's true then I will finally try for that 359 2h sword. I forget what it's called. Then I can do that transwhatever you call it for the look. :P

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    now they increase the rate.... after ive had 'professor' for months. oh well.. good reason to farm tol'vir now. Good find OP.. lets hope for arch buff!!!!

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    Nice, now I can farm for random crap drops to sell to vendors even faster!

    Arch doesn't need a buff to fragment needs a nerf to the RNG associated with it.

    And yes i'm mad bro...farming for Zin'rokh has killed my soul!

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