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    Some finger pointing on my spriest needed!

    Hoi hoi spriests out there, lil kazi here!
    Would like to ask for a bit of help to improve on my little spriest as Im atm feeling that I could do way more with it.

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...azrizie/simple

    Notes on some small things in my gear: Think I recall 65 mastery on hands being best, might change to that if enough people say I should. The pvp head is a leftover from my ding where I bought shoulder/head from spriest set with my honor. I also started early by sorting my gear so I could use it for both dps and healing, not sure how much that affect atm. Next piece Im aiming for will most likey be legs for 4 set (2 resets there, bloody 1190 vp :<), unless I manage to get the head from raggy where Ill buy me a ring first.

    Ive also been gearing up only thro my guilds alt runs, also worth mentioning Im not a main raider so Im low on actual real raid exp (cata that is) other than whats been done on this char.

    Atm I usally push around 20k dps on most somewhat decent fights in FL, yet I do feel I should be able to push more. Im quit sure on how to handle my cds in the fights, leaving me a bit unsure on how I really should use my opening. Mostly I start out with SW:P, MFx2, Archangel, MB, MFx2 then put up my dots and Shadowfiend (+refresing SW:P). So far Ive been experimenting a bit with putting up dots first then doing the rest and refresing them but I really dont feel exp.ed enough to make a decision on whats best.

    Another thing I know I need is a good addon for tracking my dots. Ive tried DoTimer a bit but I really dont like it for some reason and would love to hear of some other good ones. Generally my only demand on it is that its easy to config and easy to read off as Im a bit handicapped due to weak eyesight (leaving me with predictiongameplay, damn taxing on dot classes xD).

    Thank you for any responses!

    /Kazi out
    I was Once a Nab
    Then I rolled a Paladin
    Thats when I found out
    that I REALLY was a Nab

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    Visit the Fix My DPS Sticky, read the op, and post there and plenty of people will happily help you out.

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