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    Attempts to get SWTOR account info?

    This e-mail I just got looks like a pretty obvious attempt to get my Orgin info. What do you guys think? Anyone else get this mail?
    It's from "[email protected]"
    I highlighted what makes me think it's a foreign keylogger/hacker/ect.

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    Got it as well, I will check the SWTOR twitter and forums to confirm though.

    Edit: It's legit.
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    got that one aswell... hmmm what email you using? i myself use Gmail

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    It's legit, they sent out the message that they were going to be doing that on most forms of social media sites, facebook etc, and it's also on the front page of swtor.com so...yeah nothing to worry about.
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    Got it too
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    It's official. Check the website, etc. Everyone who made an account before the given date is forced to reset their password.

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    Thanks everyone. The feedback is appreciated.

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    I'm kind of surprised they'd send out such a sketchy email. All it even says is Newsletter attached and then there's the attachment. I almost didn't even want to open the attachment but I read this first so I figured it was safe.

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    They send all of their emails like that, it's all attachment and not font, to try and make it look more legit as an image versus something anyone can type. The idea is the same as blizzard putting the blizzard font tag when they whisper you.

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    How is it sketchy? There is no link saying GO HERE TO RESET PASSWORD *while we sneakily steal your infos!*, It's just a warning that at some point soon your password is going to be reset and you'll have to change it, and that they are doing this so that people's passwords meet a minimum "strength" requirement.

    It's just an information email saying that this is coming, so that you know not to worry when it comes.

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    Now if only they would let me into the beta...

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    Wow..... So I read on the site about the password change, no bigge there. But I just noticed in this email:

    Your Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ account credentials are linked to EA.com and Origin.com, so your new password will be applied across all three websites.
    Last night I couldnt get into any server on BF3, it kept telling me "Disconnected from EA". I figured it was just buggy ass BF, something we've dealt with for years, but now I think it has something to do with this.

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