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    R.I.P Boxing Legend Joe Frazier


    Joe Frazier died from cancer today at the age of 67. He was diagnosed with cancer only 2 months ago. Also known as 'Smokin Joe', he was one of the greatest fighters in boxing history. He is most known for 'The Fight of the Century' in which he defeated (at the time undefeated)Muhammad Ali to win the Heavyweight championship.


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    RIP SMOKING Joe Frazier

    as reported by yahoo and the new york times boxing legend SMOKING Joe Frazier is dead died of liver cancer he was 67


    for those who dont know who he is he was a boxing legend his fights with ali were great his ali vs frazier fight of 1971 called fight of the century which was a15 round decision of the great ali it was held as madison square garden. but the 3rd fight he had with ali in the Philippines called The Thrilla in Manila is known as one the the greatest fight in boxing history it was a 14 round bout ending with ali winning cause of frazier's eye in 1990 he was inducted into International Boxing Hall of Fame with a professional record of 32-4-1, with 27 wins by knockout
    rest in peace SMOKING Joe Frazier
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    Sad day for the sport.

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    Great man for the sport, sad to see him go that way.

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    Such an excellent fighter.

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    Suprised he didnt die of Lung cancer if he was smoking.

    Who is current Heavyweight champ anyway

    Is it still lennox Lewis?

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    One half of boxing's greatest rivalry. Arguably the greatest rivalry between two competitors in any sport.

    I grew up with my dad teaching me about the heavyweights from before my time, lost count of how many times I've seen Frazier/Ali videos. Still love to watch Thrilla in Manila now.

    RIP Smokin' Joe.

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    RIP man. One of the best athletes ever.

    I hope this thread wont get filled with trolls tho...

    Anyways... this is a sad day!

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    A legend, a gentleman and the first man to beat the also legendary mauhammad ali.

    R.I.P. Joe

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