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    Question How do Worgen look as Priests?

    Hello, I was going to transfer my UD Priest over to ally to play with friends. My favorite Ally race is without a doubt the Worgen, but I have never seen a Worgen Priest in game. I was wondering if the helms/robes/cloak clip awkwardly with the Worgen's snout and the patch of fur that sticks out of their backs? Thanks in advance.
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    Why dont you just make a Worgen and use Atlasloot to show what certain items look like on it? than decide for yourself if you like the look or not

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    the helm usually looks ridiculous on worgens in my opinion, some of the other gear is ok.

    But the big thing for me is that their casting animations are terrible. So i dont think i could ever play one lol

    Edit: Good to see you're joining the better side :P lol
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    Worgens are awesome until they start casting it's not pretty
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    Little Red Riding Hood's wolf wearing grandma's clothes. Seriously awkward and ugly. Roll any other race for priest, your eyes will thank you after a day or two.

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    dont play as female. damaging and healing casting is hilarious

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    Choose the gear you want to see on wowhead and use the 3d model viewer.

    Warning: They look that ugly. Your eyes are fine.
    Protip: You don't need 3d glasses to use the model viewer.
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    Don't do it, I made that mistake LONG ago... thankfully they reversed it and I got to change my race again :P

    IMO: Human female.

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    They are horrible. You should make it a gnome.

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    For min-max, worgens are best, for SP at least. And if you're not into rat races (e.g. dorf/nome), Draenei is a very good choice also, for the 1% hit.
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    Ugly casting animations, and cloth-wearing worgens rarely look good.

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    Nothing beats a cloth wearer in a skirt/robe get down on all fours and starts running around... seriously a mage running on fours, more epic fail than tauren paladins and their t12 set...

    if you make it a male then chose dwarf, female gnome/human/draenei.... only accetable worgens for me are rogues, warriors and well druids...
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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Worgens are awesome until they start casting it's not pretty
    More like "until they start moving at all or make any noise"

    I would suggest draenei, personally, if you aren't into the small races (dwarf 100% if you're into the small races because they are the only alliance race I can take seriously or respect.)
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    Male with stop animation:

    Female with stop animation:

    I say go nelf or drenei (female not male).

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    Worgen casting animations are 50% herp, and 70% derp.

    That said MOST helms look horrible on them; so if you want to show your helm you might be disappointed.

    The sprint is handy in both PVE and PVP; and their crit isn't anything to yawn at. (especially if you are comparing to Gift of the Naruu).

    Me? I'm draenei... if only for the casting animations making me smile.

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    How do Worgen look as Priests?
    Same as they look as everything else: ugly.

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    I was going to comment, but looks like it's already been solidly covered.

    I'd recommend female spacegoat.
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    Worgen also have a hidden racial that gives them a 60% additional chance to die from elevator bosses, falling off cliffs, or standing in lava.

    Be warned.

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    I race changed to worgen due to racials. But someone that doesn't care about that I wouldn't recommend worgen.
    Melee classes as male worgen looks pretty nice, but casters... meh.

    As female worgen you can never have helm on show (which is bad, because I want to hide my ugly face), because our "mane" goes through it. Because female worgen has upright position, the mane is destroying all helmets. It looks bad no matter what helm you have. If they would allow us to have the mane on hide when you wear a helm, they would look way better.

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