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    Disc healing help.......

    I am a casual raider along with some PVP...i was hoping for other Disc healers to help me with some finer details to help me be a better healer. What i want to know is what am i missing to make my job easier and do better heals. My item level is 378..im not specced into atonement cause i dont like that type of healing.

    Im a clicker , my addons are DBM, ingelas rapture,Healbot,Bartender 4, recount ,
    I have a few macros that i use, i dont keybind yet..
    The way i heal is tank oriented, i shield the tanks, prayer of mending,renew a tank then i spam heal on tank until raid damage then i penance and start my aoe heals . i use greater heal when huge damage and ofcourse i use all my cd's.. and power word shield when needed also.

    Can someone tell me what i am NOT doing ...
    Im in PVP gear , but atleast you can look at my build http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...yduff/advanced

    Thanks in advance

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    dont use renew as a disc priest and logging out in your pve gear should help

    also clicking and healing doesnt fit to each other in my opinion

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    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...or-New-Raiders = Ahyiiies

    ps: don't click :[

    pps: no logs makes its hard to say
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    sounds like you plan on beings mainly a tank healer.

    Make sure to watch your rapture addon and maximize your regen.

    Don't renew as a part of tank healing (except maybe Baleroc). PW:S, Gheal and pennance are
    your best friends for tank healing.

    if you have to click heal, try out vuhdo. it allows you to be a click/keybind hybrid (kinda) and will be a positive step towards full keybind and no clickies

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    When I read this, i don't really see the problem you're having.

    are people dying?

    don't forget, most of the damage nowadays are avoidable, so if people are dying a lot it may not be your fault.

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    Even as a clicker you should still have 1-6 binded. USE the bindings for your main abilities there, that alone should be fairly helpful and a nice step to binding.
    1. PoM
    2. PW:S
    3. Heal
    4. GrHeal
    5. Penance
    6. PoH

    CDs can be clicked for now. Personally I have bindings for 1-7 (1-10 but only really use 1-7), R, T, middle mouse click & F1-F5 and the remaining spells I'll click (leaving the rest as default bindings).

    I'm attonement myself, but I find if you use it you must macro it to target of target, that way you never have to remove your focus from the tank.

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    the way i like to tank heal:
    go for haste as your secondary stat, spam greater heal or heal, depending on damage. shield every 12 sec on rapture CD or when someone might die in 2 gcds. reason to do this is that your tank doesn't have weakened soul debuff most of the time. and when things go really bad, you have shield that absorbs 30k+, which makes it easily the best nonCD oh-shit button. keep penance on CD, preferably cast right after shield to get most of the borrowed time buff. keep inner focus on CD, this is essential for your output and mana management. be mindful of pain suppression, power infusion and pw: barrier and don't be afraid to use them. better safe than sorry. don't waste your global cooldowns on renew, if you're not running. cast heals are nearly always better choice. use PoM, if it can bounce at least twice, but it is really not a big deal for tank healing.

    other big thing i strongly recommend is to try different ways of healing for some time to find the best for you. if you use healbot right now, try healing with binds and regular targeting. i myself can never get a feeling for the flow of the fight with healbot.

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