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    Battle for Lions Arch

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble on this quest, i play a necromancer and I'm familiar with a few builds, MM, SS and blood spiker. I'm doing it with hero's too,
    vekk(lots of fire)
    pyre fierceshot(using frozen soil and a barrage build)
    livia(SS build)

    It goes fine until I start getting more jade in the waves, does anyone have any tips for this fight?

    ps, does anyone know how much an unded livia mini would go for? I'm no where near another point in my HoM for mini's

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    The last part is tough,

    but I used 3 Discord Necro's with a friend necro (I'm a warrior myself) and a Sandstorm Elementalist (Wards help a lot)

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    I know it's a dumb question but is your armor infused?

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    Thanks, I hadn't considered wards and yes all of the pieces are

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    I've always used a couple of MM's in that mission. Also I find a Panic mesmer invaluable.

    A spirit spammer is also very useful.

    I'd probably use a double discord, a mm, a spirit spammer, a panic healer mesmer, and then add whatever you are.
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    I use this build to solo everything, I did this quest in hardmode with this.


    I did it on my monk, so replace a necro with a healer if you want.

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    I died a few times on this mission but my heroes were able to res me and I completed it on my first try using the 7 hero support team. It is very balanced and you should be able to have all the characters if you're on that fight. You can find the build here: http://www.gwpvx.com/Build:Team_-_7_Hero_Player_Support. I did it with Razzah as a second rit and the smite monk.

    That being said if you don't have the classes and need a hand let me know via PM as I don't log into GW anymore after getting my 30. When you get overwhelmed though just fall back to the middle area and slowly pick guys off. They don't seem to really advance much. I lost all the front guys right away but they never killed any in the middle area.

    EDIT: Guy above me posted the same build.

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    Unfortunately I did nightfall on an alt and only have a small selection of hero's

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    What heroes do you have available?

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    Once you've completed the battle for lions arch can you do it again on a toon? As in, can I do it again on my warrior and help this guy out? Anyone know?

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    koss, melonni, mox, jora, ogden, gwen and all the ones I listed in the OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightZero88 View Post
    Once you've completed the battle for lions arch can you do it again on a toon? As in, can I do it again on my warrior and help this guy out? Anyone know?
    If someone else starts it, you should be able to; best thing to do would be to go and actually try it.
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    as far as I know you cant be the one to initiate it but if another player is the group lead and starts battle for LA you can participate agian. I did it solo and later helped my brother with the same toon. Personaly I did it with triple discordway necros, a spirit spamer rit, a panic mesmer, 2 ellies (one with earth wards the other pure damage) and myself the last time. Discord necros can really bring the pain to any target and can bring minion skills for meat shields. When the bodies get scarce it gets a tad more dangerous but the spirits help. I kept them bottled up at the gates to start and then retreated back to the stairs if they started to overwhelm me. This gave breathing room and the lionguard dieing helped by feeding corpses.

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