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    Trooper Commando DPS here, may give the healing a go at some point too depending on the respec situation.

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    ok since I have been a bit anal in this regard I may as well post mine. Final specs obviously will be decided later, these are for levelling mainly, and some are undecided.

    sith warrior - juggernaut - dps spec
    Imperial Agent - stealth dps / healer undecided
    Inquisitor - tank
    Bounty hunter - rockets baby!

    trooper - tank
    smuggler - ranged, probably going with explosives
    consular - healer - going to try to level as healer if my companion can handle it
    Jedi - dual wield, burst dps, probably changing to dot build later

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    Either Jedi Knight Sentinel Watchman or Jedi Consular Shadow Kinetic Combat.

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    Commando Trooper, having a Gatling gun is too hard to pass up.

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