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    LF drawing/photoshop skills!

    Hello my dears!

    Again, I need your help with an assignment I have. So basically, I have these 3 verses and I have to include them in a commercial that I invented.

    "A still small voice spoke into me" / 'You are so full of misery, / Were it not better not to be?' "

    The problem is I don't have to design the advert itself so it's rather difficult to render what I mean :S So I was thinking to include a drawing to make it clear for my colleagues and teacher. I can't draw even with a gun pointed to my head.

    After some thinking, my bf came with this idea: to advertise a divorce lawyer.

    This is how: the guy is in a bar and 2 of his male friends are idk, having chicks sitting in their laps a bit further at a table. He then looks at his wedding ring and the ring whispers him (A still small voice spoke into me) and we figure that he is miserable because he is married and therefore he can't do what his friends do. You can figure it's a guy that came with such an idea, lol.

    How I imagine the actual advert: this guy in foreground, with his ring barely visible (looking at the guys/girls), and the other 2 with the chicks in the background (I was thinking only silhouettes, not to be too explicit :P).The image should not be very clear. Not necessarily blurry but still not clear. Like when you fotograph something but your focus isn't on that thing.

    Then a second picture of the same thing, which is now clear and reveals the ring => we realise why he is miserable. This pic will contain the verses.

    OR they can be standing at the bar, him alone and longing and the other 2 a few meters away with the girls.
    And lastly I'll include a random divorce lawyer's firm.

    Please don't laugh and me and go ahead and let your drawing skills flow

    Unfortunately I can't really repay this work so you'll be doing it pro-bono

    P.S. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a pencil sketch will do if it renders the idea.
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    I would love to help you, unfortunately my talents lie more with drawing animals and cartoony people I'm sure someone around here will be able to do something up for you though.

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