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    Having played a SP as my main for the past 6 yrs.. I'm probably bias but I do have a warlock alt which is fun however I'm not liking having to deal with a pet so on that alone.. I'd say go with SP
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    The lack of a pet to manage does seem appealing as well as the more on demand burst with mind spike. I think I'll give it a go with the LFR and move it to my main if I'm liking what I'm seeing. Thanks for the input!

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    The only thing that might be weird is destro has less dots if im not mistaken. But they both work of a priority system, and not really a rotation type thing.

    A good idea might be to set up some power aura (/powa! lol) so you can keep track of everything a lot easier. In terms of which is easier to play? I say a lock for the dps, but thats probably because I don't really like shadow at all. Shadow priests pull compeditive numbers also (I'm not saying that warlocks can't too though)

    Another thing about destro compaired to shadow, I feel like shadow has much better dps when mobile.

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