View Poll Results: Which Alt do you enjoy the most when not on your Priest?

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  • Mage

    21 7.61%
  • Shaman

    28 10.14%
  • Death Knight

    29 10.51%
  • Warrior

    30 10.87%
  • Paladin

    38 13.77%
  • Rogue

    26 9.42%
  • Hunter

    28 10.14%
  • Warlock

    23 8.33%
  • Druid

    53 19.20%
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    Your Most Enjoyed Alt

    Simple question: which alt do you enjoy the most besides your priest? Then make a post saying which spec!

    For me, it's my Holy Paladin.

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    I really enjoy my hunter, it's extremely fun!

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    I just made a warrior like 2 days ago and I rolled prot. WOW Is it super fun to play in BGs when you are spec'd into Blood and Thunder And it's fun to pull like 20 mobs and just keep spamming Thunder Clap and using Victory Rush and do it over and over again.
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    The only alt I really enjoy playing is my moonkin. I also have a shaman, a rogue and a mage at 85, but I've just never been able to get into them as much.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Priest is my alt. Hunter my main. I'm loving healing, first time for me. This is my first alt that I want to get to max level.

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    You should have included the "Priest" option, since I play my priest almost as much as my main (Feral Kitty)
    I have many alts, but my favorites are definetly my Priest, Rogue and Hunter (in that order) :3

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    Right now, its my elemental shaman. Even went and got the legendary on it since I was having so much fun with it I hope the class sees some positive changes soon!
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    Hunter is hands down the funniest character. Specially a Dwarf one. I have /lol keybind and spam it after every kill and it is super.

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    Well considering I have 7 priests I would say that ><

    Second runner up would be druid

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    Resto Shaman
    Pixeled Returned! Holy Priest

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    Prot pally. Chain pulling from pre-bc dungeons to WotLK dungeons!
    It always takes me less than 10 minutes to run a dungeon at level 78, unless it's HoS. :x

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    its always the new role more then the class imo

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    Shaman: Resto/Enh

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    My primary alt... is another priest :O

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    I really enjoy my Enhance shammy. its a nice change of pace from shadow 24/7

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    for me it's my DK, it's fun to be able to tank with her.

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    I hated pallys, leveled one up to 80 in WotLK and quit right away. Was really really boring trying to gear it, but im loving my warrior so far

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    aside from my pvp priest, (feral bear is my main pve char, priest is my main pvp char...idk why i do it that way)
    but resto shaman, i <3 teh shaman.(pve resto-)
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    Prot Warrior. Although my Boomkin is pretty fun too.

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    Marks Hunter has to be my favourite alt, probably because that was the first character I created. My Fury Warrior is a close second.

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