View Poll Results: Which Alt do you enjoy the most when not on your Priest?

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  • Mage

    21 7.61%
  • Shaman

    28 10.14%
  • Death Knight

    29 10.51%
  • Warrior

    30 10.87%
  • Paladin

    38 13.77%
  • Rogue

    26 9.42%
  • Hunter

    28 10.14%
  • Warlock

    23 8.33%
  • Druid

    53 19.20%
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    For me it changes from time to time. I like to switch between them. Right now I'm leveling my fourth priest on the other side on another realm. I think I can say I'm a priestaholic =P

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    For me it is my prot/fury warrior. I enjoy both specs more than I enjoy my main atm.
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    Nice to see other people with multiple priests, my guildies give me a hard time for having more than one lol.

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    Rdruid. Playing holy priest the last tiers have been painful in many ways. It is a bit sad tho they feel so much better than my main atm, but I look forward to 4.3

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    Demo lock. In love with the prio que of Demo while in meta form.

    Enh shaman was quite funny as well

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    I cannot decide between elemental shaman and boomkin, love them both. And yes, I know, it's all hybrid caster dps but I just love it

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    I'm sure an alt whore I dont even really have a main, but I guess between my trio of priest/DK/shaman ill pick Shaman!!

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    My main is a Shadow Priest, but my favorite alt is my Prot Paladin.

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    Holy/Disc priest is actually my alt, An arms warrior is actually my main, But i really do love healing its extremely satisfying, So I raid heal on my priest jumping between specs as needed, and do RBGs and pvp on my warrior who has been my main for years
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    Favorite alt is tanky druid. My boyfriend (mains holy priest)'s favorite alt is a combat rogue.
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    My Warlock. It used to be my Vanilla main, but I've enjoyed it a lot after I rolled Paladin as well.

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    Warlock for sure, all specs.

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    Hands down it's my Arcane Mage. It's a nice change of pace from my main raiding toon. I DPS/Tank in that order on my DK.

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    Since my disc priest has become my main, it would have to be my elemental shaman (she's a machine, out DPSing much higher geared players). My resto druid is also pretty fun and recently spent a fair bit of time tanking lower level dungeons on a feral druid (resto is horde, feral is alliance).

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    My favorite is my hunter I always have alot of fun dpsin on her but nothing compares to my main.

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    It Changes.

    used to be my Protadin and she became my main. Now my most enjoyed alt is a protwarrior.

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    My main is Spriest. My alt is Spriest.

    Fail poll! :P

    I'm working on a Mage now though kinda sorta, lvl 8-9 or so. Not expending a lot of time on it. It's weird to play...yet powerful. Arcane missle thingy is cool.
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    Restoration Druid. Simply because I played Druid during entire TBC and I feel more comfortable and perform better when playing Druid than Priest.

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    I can't vote, cause there is no priest...

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