View Poll Results: Which Alt do you enjoy the most when not on your Priest?

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  • Mage

    21 7.61%
  • Shaman

    28 10.14%
  • Death Knight

    29 10.51%
  • Warrior

    30 10.87%
  • Paladin

    38 13.77%
  • Rogue

    26 9.42%
  • Hunter

    28 10.14%
  • Warlock

    23 8.33%
  • Druid

    53 19.20%
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    Any other healing class, in healing spec.
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    My "favorite" alt changes all the time.

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    Disc priest, pretty amazing IMO. Sometimes wonder why I don't make him my main....

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    What? Go away non-main Priests!
    I heal in the Arena
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    Marks Hunter is my favourite alt, and also was my first character created just like Ambereldus
    Personally not a fan of melee for some reason.

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    Prot/Holy paladin or hunter, can't decide which. Both are great fun. I have an 85 mage also but for some reason, mageing is just...totally wrong for me, like an ill-fitting jacket.

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    My DK and the Hunter I"m leveling (: he's 76 and I also will get to leveling my 68 Pally at some point.

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    I voted for druid, but my second priest might be my favorite alt

  9. #89
    Favorite alt is a demo lock. I love playing it much more than going shadow on my priest. (I hate MF and the way SP manages CDs)

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    Update: I'm trying out Shaman healing and I'm starting to like that more than my Holy Pally.

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    My priest... Oh wait that's my main! :O
    I'm not much of an alt person.

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