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    I know I'll either be a healer or some form of DW melee class. And a good little break from WoW.

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    I'm taking my money and putting them into TOR

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    WoW was far from my first MMO, and it will not be my last. I am pretty sure I will never put so much time in to another MMO as I did with WoW.
    After more than seven years of playing, the only thing I will bring over to SWTOR is my subscription as people have mentioned before. If SWTOR is only half as good as I hope, I will most likely never go back to WoW.
    I SWTOR cant hold my attention, then it is very likely that I will return one day..

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    Find a good guild, and if you don't find it to your liking, leave and don't look back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shardik View Post
    when I first started wow, which was a week before BC came out, I would get runs from strangers who offered, or given free bags by a person standing near a starting area, and when I hit max level I did the same thing for low level people. By the end of lich king though, all the low level toons were alts of old players, and people stopped being grateful or trying to help each other out.

    I hope to return to my roots of helping random people as I level and helping new players into the game and not having to be so pessimistic of low level players being veteran players who want you to run through stuff, and know as much as you so you can't show them the ropes or neat little tricks (which is half the fun of helping new players).
    How noble. I never encountered anything similiar and I've been playing WoW a lot, since the EU open beta. Nobody ever gave me free bags because they were damn expensive and having 500 gold meant you were pretty rich, epic mounts were EPIC lol. Maybe I'm a cynical bastard, but instead of wanting to simply help, I think that during those times high level characters helped out low level ones simply because they were bored or wanted to feel powerful stomping low lvl dungeons. These days everyone and their mother has gotten bored of going to lower level dungeons because they've done it so many times during their wow career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prag View Post
    My question to you is: What's going with you from WoW to SWToR?
    Spectral Tiger.

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    I started my PC gaming life with wow 7 years ago, a short time before i turned 12. So no matter how much I hate wow today, I cannot deny that I wouldnt be the same gamer if I wouldnt have played it for these long 7 years. Thereby I do not really know the exact elements from my experience that I'll bring to swtor, so in my opinion the question is quite hard to answer and im not really sure that I can give a good answer to what I'll bring.

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    WoW taught me about theorycraft, min-maxing, playing any class like a boss. So for learning to be the best player I can, it'll be the same.

    What I hope SWTOR makes me do is get involved with the storyline and quests (lore). I think I have read about 10 quests in my WoW career... and the lore bores me.

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    WoW was my first MMO (and really my only - I haven't played a single other MMO for more than two weeks) and I have learned a lot since release but....

    I am trying to take as little from WoW as possible beyond keybindings and knowing how/when to get to information rather than just spam chat all the time with questions.

    The one thing I wish I was taking was becoming more familiar with maps/instances faster. I cannot remember instances very easily and for the first few months I played WoW I regularly got lost in SW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    My subscription =D
    Well said. Other than that I am going to try and forget wow as much as possible. Id like to have something fresh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixator View Post
    What I wont take along with me will be my emo attitude towards questing and leveling.
    As well as my attitude towards the games community, WoW's just got unbearable I just hope SWTOR isn't/doesn't get as bad. As for what I'll take with me, just my experience in general filling every role in the game at some level, hopefully some of it can be applied to whatever class I decide to pickup and play.

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    I'm taking my entire awesome guild friends whom I love dearly. Well, they are taking me, and I'd go to the end of the galaxy with them!
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    ...because being black means you can't be racist only prejudice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post people have no power, privilege they cannot be racist since they were oppressed.
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    Did you just compare slavery to the holocaust? Don't compare them. The holocaust lasted 4 years while slavery lasted for well over 200 years at least in the US FYI

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