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    What is your favorite companion pet

    I made this thread to see what are peoples opinion about pets which is coolest which is cutest which is just the best mine is definantly onyxian whelpling it just is simply cool

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    I really like Guardian Cub. I paid 13k on my realm AH but it was worth it. And Egbert is just goofy. In the good way
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    Sprite Darter Hatchling!

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    Always been a fan of that lil' guy.

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    Murky. Won it in a competition.

    I wish we could have several pets out at the same time and then I'd have Murky, Gurky and Lurky following me.

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    Murky. Also because the egg for the pet is still in my inventory (since its account bound), and I love people asking me where I got it. Also a fun trade chat troll item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Murky. Won it in a competition.

    I wish we could have several pets out at the same time and then I'd have Murky, Gurky and Lurky following me.
    I got my Murky from a guy in game who sold it to me for 500g. Best pet purchase I ever made. Oh, this was the first year of blizzcon, he advertised it on our realm forums for sale since he got 2 codes. The highest bidder won...which was me.
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    Disgusting Oozeling or Mr Pinchy

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    Mr Grubbs is a win win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post

    Always been a fan of that lil' guy.
    one of my favorites as well. i also LOVE the phoenix hatchling. plus my blizzard bear cub and baby onyxia.

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    Definitely my beloved Murkablo, can't wait until I can name him (or is it a her? O.o) in MoP. :>

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    Ooooh, I have to pick one?

    I finally hit 150 companions (151 with the reward ^_^) the other day on my 'lock. I usually rotate through them. The hyacinth macaw is beautiful (and a lucky snag! 250 gold!). The gryphon and windrider mounts get bonus cute points in that my cat snuggles up with the plushies. I can't wait for our guild to FINALLY complete our first legendary staff for lil Tarecgosa. That will be fun (we had some bad rng on embers for a while).

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    Grunty just for the machine gun / rocket sound effects. Get so many people in pugs who sit there wondering half way through what is making that noise.

    To bad he gets owned by zerglings on a constant basis in town.

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    My Panda Monk! He is a big hit wherever I go. (I actually broke down and bought it from the store. Couldn't resist.)

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    My mini diablo from the vanilla CE
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    Even with 175 pets Willy Is and always will be my Fav

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    Magical Crawdad al the way!
    Mini Thor followed by Kirin tor familiar would be the next 2

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    Fox kit is prolly my favorite, he's so cute. I also like the feline familiar from last halloween, she's cute when you mount up to fly and she gets on a broom. What's cooler than a cat, with a hat, on a flying broom?

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    the latest pet, Feline familiar, freking nice

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