View Poll Results: Would you still play SWTOR if it didn't take place in the Star Wars universe?

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  • No, I would't play SWTOR if it was not about Star Wars

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  • Yes, I would still want to play a Sci-fi game in a new universe because of its gameplay

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    Would you play SWTOR if it was just another Sci-fi game?

    My question is, would you buy and play SWTOR if it didn't take place in the Star Wars universe?

    I am wondering this, because I'm am wondering if the excitement over this game mostly comes because of its gameplay or if its because people love Star Wars so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcreed View Post
    My question is, would you buy and play SWTOR if it didn't take place in the Star Wars universe?

    I am wondering this, because I'm am wondering if the excitement over this game mostly comes because of its gameplay or if its because people love Star Wars so much.
    Yes, I'm not really all that into SW anyway, I just think the game looks good
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    Yes, BECAUSE it's made by Bioware and i like nearly all games made by them.

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    To me Star Wars isn't just SciFi ... its a mix of SciFi and Fantasy ... you have blasters, spaceships, robot etc. but also saberfights and a kind of magic in it. The looks of the characters in MMO's is alwasy important to me and a lot of it comes from the Star Wars licence ... so ... hard to say ... I would most likely try it out at some point, but not at launch.

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    I was going to buy it because i really enjoyed knights of the old republic and mass effect, but i dont want to pay 30 a month

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    If it's just a clone of wow but scifi, I'm all for it.
    I'd want it to be part of a pre-established universe, obviously wow didn't get hype because it was a new random IP, it got it because it was warcraft.

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    The reason I'm asking this mostly, is because the gameplay and the graphics didn't seem all that exciting to me.

    I'm also a fan of Star Wars, so it would be cool to play in that universe, but I was wondering if this was the main reason why people are planning to buy it.
    I don't think I'm going to buy it myself, because although I like the Star Wars universe. I am just not in the mood for another sub fee.

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    ive never seen and dont care about star wars, and i still want to play it, so yup.

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    Yea, futuristic weapons, clothes, races, vehicles, etc. that the sci-fi genre brings to the table really appeals to me much more than the same old orcs. elves, and swords from fantasy settings. I still can enjoy a fantasy RPG but prefer sci-fi.

    Before I played WoW I played Anarchy Online for 4 years and liked the game a lot back then. If it was a better game overall and if Funcom was at least a decent developer I would probably still be playing it. Also tried EVE Online but it wasn't for me, a little too sand-boxy.

    Bioware is one of the few developers that, much like Blizzard, I fully trust in pushing out high quality games with every release. I'd be playing any new sci-fi game as long as it had a solid developer like Bioware behind it.

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    If it was still a story driven scifi MMO by bioware?
    so basically if they had chosen Mass Effect instead of KOTOR?

    yes, I would play it. but honestly, I woudlnt be nearly as hyped for it.

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    Would I be trying it at some point? Yes.

    Would I be as interested to buy it, have pre-ordered it the first day, etc.? Not likely.

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    i am mainy going to play it casualy for the fact i can do duel lightsabers i always loved that ^_^ and still raid full time on WoW. With that i will never play the bountyhunter / sniper people since they wont have a lightsaber.. lol
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    Yes I would certainly play it if it was based on a different franchise.

    As long as it was Bioware and as long as it still had a strong focus on story. For me that's what I see are the major things that set this apart from all the rest of the same-y, grinding, endgame only mmos out there.

    Star Wars just adds a lot of substance since it has a lot of lore. I've never been heavily into Star Wars, the Knights of the Old Republic was the most I've ever been a strong fan of the franchise.

    Bioware is what makes this game special/different for me not Star Wars.
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    Didn't vote because if options, but yes, even if this wasn't a SW game, it is still a Bioware game.

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    Would I have been following it for 3+ years? Probably not. Would I play based on what I have learned so far? Hell yes!

    To be honest we need a fantasy non-wizards and warriors MMORPG.
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    Originially I would say no, but having played the beta, I would say yes. SWTOR is one of the best single player RPGs I have ever played, and its an MMO!

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    I wouldn't play it if it was not sci-fi, because I am sick of fantasy MMOs and the gameplay doesn't seem to be something different and new. I am not a huge fan of SW, but I like the art of the game and the SW universe.

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    Give me Firefly or Farscape!
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    i would play any sci-fi mmo that was done at a high level and did not go shooter the starwars is just cake.

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    I like me some sci-fi, I also like MMOs. So yeah a good sci-fi MMO would have me interested in playing. However it being Star Wars and being set in the Knights of the Old Republic time line is like icing on the cake.

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