View Poll Results: Would you still play SWTOR if it didn't take place in the Star Wars universe?

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  • No, I would't play SWTOR if it was not about Star Wars

    35 36.08%
  • Yes, I would still want to play a Sci-fi game in a new universe because of its gameplay

    62 63.92%
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    If anything I would say that the SW part is a downside. I think that it limits them more than a new franchise would, but I guess it goes both ways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcreed View Post
    My question is, would you buy and play SWTOR if it didn't take place in the Star Wars universe?

    I am wondering this, because I'm am wondering if the excitement over this game mostly comes because of its gameplay or if its because people love Star Wars so much.
    My excitement comes from it being a BioWare game. If it were Mass Effect Online, I'd still play.
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    if there was something to replace the force using classes with I'd still be playing probably, assuming that the only change was the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvbastel View Post
    Yes, I'm not really all that into SW anyway, I just think the game looks good
    Same here. I've seen all the movies, but didn't even like them too much. Not a big SW fan at all, just think ToR looks amazing and it sort of reminds me of what WoW used to be.

    Also what other people said, I'm a huge Bioware fan. ME is my favorite game ever.

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    Amazing game that would work with another lore

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    Even though starwars gives an extra touch to it I still have been waiting for a good sci fi mmo to sink my teeth into. So yes I would have played swtor even if it wasn't about starwars.

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    Having tested it this weekend, I would say that if the gameplay and dialogue options were like they are now, but not set in Star Wars...I probably would, yes.

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    Without a doubt I woudl have.
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    Definitely. Would love if it was Battletech instead.
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    Star Wars is a big bonus, but if the game is good, say based on Mass Effect, i'dgive it a shot. Though surely not even close to hyped as it is now.

    If it was a game full of Bounty Hunters and Agents, well, i would miss something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guillotine811 View Post

    Also what other people said, I'm a huge Bioware fan.
    Same here. Fan of Bioware since Baldur's Gate. The reason I want to play TOR only has to do with that fact. The subject matter doesn't matter for me. If it was a star wars mmo made by another company I would not be interested (*cough*Galaxies*cough*.

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    The Star Wars part of it is perhaps the least important part to why I am playing it. If Bioware was making an MMO with this much depth in a different universe, Mass Effect, I would be totally on board with that as well. I want an MMO that adds back in the RPG portion. This game seems to deliver that in spades and I would be down to play it regardless of the universe it was set it.

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    Probably not, i love the Lightsabers, and they are what identifies Star Wars, if it was any other sci-fi mmo without them i would not play it.

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    It's made by Bioware, so yes.

    if it wasn't made by Bioware, hell no
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    If it was something with good storyline and the same game, then yes I would still play it. Even more so if was a Mass Effect MMO, which I'm kinda wishing Bioware had done, but I guess the lure of guaranteed subscribers and the money investment potential of SW universe was too good an opportunity to miss out on.

    All this being said, I got the beta test this weekend and I LOVED the flashpoint instances, really really had fun.

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